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Buy Your Discounted Carnival Tickets In Advance Before Friday

Discounted tickets available at Student Payment Center - CASH ONLY



Silver Ring Thing Comes to San Benito High School

The Silver Ring Thing - It's about Girl, Guys, Dating, Waiting, Best Choices & 2nd Chances

Wild Cow Milking Contest


Rodeo Just Around the Corner!

The San Benito County Saddle Horse Show and Rodeo is coming up in June!

Silhouette Trio copy.jpg

The Hummingbirds of San Juan Bautista, Robinson Crusoe, and Coincidence

Biggest-footed hummingbirds from San Juan Bautista, Chile send greetings to cousins in SJB, California


Everyone is Right For Once, Windows 8 stinks

Windows 8 has an unnecessarily steep learning curve