San Benito County Water District Responds to Michael Smith Article

San Benito County Water District responds to claim of their position on pollution of groundwater

Mary and Andy Hsia-Coron turn in more than 4,000 signatures to election officials.


“Protect Our Water” Initiative Qualifies for November Ballot

San Benito Rising group hands in three times the amount of signatures needed.


SB 4 Requires Identification of Chemicals Used in ‘Fracking’ in 2014

California Department of Conservation Regulates Chemicals Used During 'Fracking'

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Teen Pregnancy Rates Going Down

Programs Aimed at Raising Awareness Show Results


Record Temps . . Cooling Saturday . . Warming Wednesday

16 Day Forecast, Thursday, May 1st, thru Friday, May, 16th, 2014 from Atmospherics Group International