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Business / Economy

COMMENTARY: Measure J and San Benito County’s Future

Fear-based land-use initiative limits San Benito County's Future.

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Business / Economy

Ridgemark fracas leads to tree-cutting moratorium

Urgency ordinance bans cutting of mature trees while county supervisors study more permanent rules

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Government / Politics

Voters to consider local school bond on November ballot

If approved, Hollister School District would have $28.5 million available for upgrades

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Government / Politics

County wins $1.5 million grant for homeless facility

Funding expected to pay for transitional housing facility for local homeless

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Government / Politics

Petition leads to street name change

Hollister City Council approves change from Hazel Street to Comienzo Drive

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Government / Politics

Council asked to name downtown lot in honor of Holte

Organizer of Holte Holiday Dinners wants lot named in honor of the events' founder