Eight months after raging waters uprooted the entire community of Lovers Lane, little has been done to repair damages. Photos by John Chadwell.

Business / Economy

Sups seek to avert liability in repairing levees, reform defunct property-owner supported water district

Trying to beat the coming rainy season, county supervisors push forward repairs of levees, while moving to shift cost burden to landowners by restarting Pacheco Storm Water District.

Gavilan College Football team Sept 9.   Photo Courtesy Gavilan College

San Benito Lifestyle

Gavilan Football players: From high expectations to sad ending

Gavilan College football players find housing in Hollister, then are sent home for breaking recruitment restrictions.


Government / Politics

Sups approve naming new jail extension after retired sheriff Curtis J. Hill

When Sheriff Darren Thompson asked supervisors to name new jail facility after retired sheriff Curtis J. Hill, the issue was almost derailed over a lack of insurance connected to actual construction of facility.