While celebrations surrounding the Fourth of July may be fun for San Benito County residents, it is important for pet owners to take precautions to keep their animals safe. Photo by Becky Bonner.

San Benito Lifestyle

How to keep your pets safe on the Fourth of July

Fireworks can make animals anxious or cause them to run away.

There were an estimated 5,000 motorcycle enthusiasts during the 2018 three-day Rebel Rally. Photo by John Chadwell.


Hollister Rally schedule

Attendees can go on a scavenger hunt, get rally patches and pins, eat food and more!

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Artist Ronald Rocha works on Whiskey Creek mural. Photo by Heather Graham.

Art & Culture

Artist Ronald Rocha breathes new life into Hollister’s Whiskey Creek mural

Veterans and biker legends among those depicted.