News Release

Federal approval of Medi-Cal funding to provide expanded COVID-19 testing for low-income students  

Medi‐Cal is the primary health care system for more than half of the state’s population under the age of 20.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.


Searching the Sky: A long time coming

David Baumgartner writes about his experiences launching rockets in his backyard as a kid.

EL Rey Del Taco food truck. Photo courtesy of Francisco Diaz.


COLUMN: Reasons to love food trucks

Francisco Diaz writes about taking a drive while hungry and the food he found.

Adult condor in Pinnacles holding pen. Photo by Carmel de Bertaut.

Environment / Nature

Central Coast condors begin to nest

At least three eggs have been laid since mid-February.

Novel Coronavirus. Photo courtesy of Centers for Disease Control.


March 4 coronavirus roundup for San Benito County

Thirteen new cases reported, 5,708 people have tested positive, 55 are active patients, 5,592 have recovered and 61 have died; the county’s current positivity rate is 5.6%.