Novel Coronavirus. Photo courtesy of Centers for Disease Control.


Week of Oct. 15 coronavirus roundup for San Benito County

7,262 people tested positive, 115 are active patients, 7,075 have recovered and 72 have died.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.


Constellation of the month: The water constellations

David Baumgartner writes how to spot Aquarius, Piscis Austrinus and Pisces.

Family members of a student wait outside of campus during lockdown. Photo by Leslie David.

Police / Fire

Rancho San Justo put on lockdown

Hollister Police Department responds to a report of suspicious activity. After searching the campus police say students are safe.

(From left top) Dolores Morales, Lauretta Avina, Silas Quintero. (From left bottom) Scott McPhahil and Matthew Rojas. Photos courtesy of the candidates.

Government / Politics

Only one Hollister council candidate has raised substantial campaign funds

Dolores Morales has received contributions from unions, out-of-county residents, local and state leaders.