COMMENTARY: Taking Advantage of Winter Rain

Shawn Novack writes that although we've received some rain, California will need 140% of its normal rainfall amounts to fill-up groundwater basins and reservoirs.

Community members are invited to share their opinions on BenitoLink. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.



Anne Stickett writes about hope in the community and of the quiet members who are working together to get through the pandemic.

past BenitoLink interns left: Kurt Higa. Center: Emma Hoffman and roomate Samantha Villalobos. Bottom Right: Julia Hicks. Top Right: Olivia Madera


Beyond San Benito County

BenitoLink’s internship program helps community youth achieve personal goals.

Road closed into Rancho Vista subdivision ahead of the roundabout construction. Photo by Robert Eliason.


Construction starts on the San Juan Bautista roundabout

Concern over property value delayed the project several months.

Willow Grove School. Photo courtesy of Heatherly Takeuchi.

News Release

Record number of people participate in amateur radio ShakeOut Drill

Many people from several locations, including three rural schools, participated with San Benito County Radio Association operators on Oct. 21.