Volunteers spent three hours removing the hemlock from the property's grassland. Photo by Jenny Mendolla Arbizu.

Environment / Nature

Volunteers remove toxic, invasive hemlock from Nyland Property

They aim to restore native plants and make the property fire-safe.

Photo by Pixabay.


COMMUNITY OPINION: Stopping at stop signs is not optional

Resident Randy Logue writes that drivers need to abide by the rules of the road and that schools should offer driver's education.

Draco the "dragon." Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


Searching the Sky: Reducing light pollution to make stars more visible

David Baumgartner advocates for efficient use of lighting and requests help finding Draco, the 'dragon.'

Union Road between Airline Highway and Fairview Road will be renamed César Chávez Way. Photo by John Chadwell.

Government / Politics

Section of Union Road to be renamed Cesar Chavez Way

Local residents recount their connection to the civil rights leader and what it means to them to honor him.