Gavilan College. Photo by Leslie David.

Education / Schools

Gavilan College cancels classes after power outages

Hollister and online classes are unaffected. 

The evening’s topic was a recently published historical novel that describes the Dunne family’s departure from Ireland during the famine and the new life they built in San Francisco and later in San Benito County. Photo by Leslie David.

Art & Culture

Historical novel brings old county names to life

Author Kevin Akers shares his experience researching and writing about James Dunne, a former landowner whose legacy remains throughout San Benito County. 

Roxy Montana has been appointed to the San Benito County Civil Grand Jury six times since 2001. Photo by Robert Eliason.


The power of 19

Four-time Civil Grand Jury foreperson Roxy Montana speaks about investigations and the power the members have in keeping local agencies accountable.