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Architect Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Future Projects


The AROMAS SAN-JUAN UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT (ASJUSD) is soliciting Statements of Qualifications from firms interested in providing professional architectural services relating to the design and construction management of proposed district school facilities. Firms with experience and qualifications are encouraged to respond. The purpose of the RFQ is to identify qualified respondents. As part of the selection process, firms are requested to present their qualifications and proposed approach in an interview process. The school district: however, reserves the right to select the firm which it believes will best suit the needs of the district based on the presentation of the RFQ. The architect and the district’s programming consultant will assist the district in selecting an appropriate process and help with the selection of the construction teams.


ALL RFQ SUBMITTALS ARE DUE BY February 17, 2022 at 2:00 P.M. PLEASE DELIVER 3 (THREE) COPIES OF THE RFQ TO THE BUSINESS OFFICE AT THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS: 2300 SAN JUAN HWY, SAN JUAN BAUTISTA, CA 95045. Please address your RFQ to Michele Huntoon, Ed.D., Superintendent. Your firm’s interview date and time will be confirmed via email from the district. Firms are requested to provide information regarding their qualifications and prior K12 design and construction experience. The firm’s interview team should include the main principals who will be working on the district’s projects. In addition, a written response to this RFQ shall be submitted on the interview date as provided in this request. Architect Scope of Services:

In addition, a written response to this RFQ shall be submitted on the interview date as provided in this request.

Architect Scope of Services:

Scope of Services

It is anticipated that the Design Consultant’s contractual responsibilities will include services in all the following project phases; services may include the following:

• Programming and Planning – Assist the District in determining an appropriate project Scope, Budget, and Schedule.

• Design Services – Preliminary planning, schematic design, design development and preparation of construction documents, including specifications and cost estimates for construction. The Consultant Architect will be responsible for obtaining review and approval of plan documents through DSA.

• Bid Services – Provide bid services, including facilitation of the pre-bid meeting, answering questions from bidders, and preparing any addenda required. This project will be constructed under a public works contract.

• Construction Services – Provide construction administration services including submittal review, response to requests for information, preparation of change orders, preparation of record documents, attend job-site meetings and intermittent site review to confirm that construction is in general accordance with design intent.

• State Funding Application – Provide assistance to the district with applications to State Allocation Board funding programs, including Deferred Maintenance, Modernization, New Construction, and Career Technical Education.

• Master Planning – Provide assistance to the district with the master planning of existing and future school sites and district support facilities.

Following the selection of the Architect, the District will negotiate an architectural services agreement with the Architect which must be mutually agreed to and executed before the Architect is formally hired. The final Scope of Services, together with the Architects negotiated fee, will be included in the final agreement. The architect will perform all necessary design, bidding, and construction administration services for the completion of site and building construction. Architect selection is anticipated to be completed in March, 2022.

Criteria for Selection

The purpose of this RFQ is to identify qualified firms that are the most capable of providing described services. The RFQ submittal should be organized to clearly address the following selection criteria, which will be used in evaluation of qualifications.

• Prior design experience with K-12 school projects in San Benito County or Monterey County.

• Prior experience working with school districts and their communities. • Professional qualifications of individuals assigned to the Project.

• Location of firm and individuals assigned to the Project. • History of effective schedule and budget management for school projects in small communities.

• Demonstrated success in identifying and defining the owner’s needs and incorporating that information into the final plans.

• Demonstrated success in design of K-12 school buildings and managing projects in small communities.

• Demonstrated success in projects utilizing a multi-phasing approach of the construction plans, i.e., site work, permanent building, and modular buildings. • 5-year Claim history.

• References.

Submittal Requirements

Submittal Documents – Format

• Three (3) copies of the Submittals are required • The Submittals are to be delivered at the conclusion of the interview.

• Submittal shall be on 8 ½ x 11 paper, stapled or bound. Large binders, heavy laminated paper, and plastic accessories are highly discouraged and should not be used.

Submittals shall be delivered to the interview panel by February 17, 2022 at 2:00 p.m.

Late submittals will not be accepted. Submittals will not be accepted electronically. Please direct all questions regarding this RFQ to Dan Carrillo, Maintenance, Operations & Facilities Manager at (831) 623- 4500 ext. 1252.

Submittal Content:

Each submittal shall be organized in the following order:

• Outside Cover and First Page Shall Contain:

• The title, “Aromas San Juan Unified School District Joint Unified School District Architect Selection Qualifications Submittal.”

• The name of the respondent.

• The submittal date.

• Table of Contents: Include a table of contents.

• Transmittal Letter: Include a short Transmittal Letter. The Transmittal Letter shall: Summarize why the Respondent believes itself the most qualified.

• Contain the statement that to the best of the Respondents abilities, all information contained in the RFQ submittal is complete and accurate.

Section I – Description of the Respondent:

Firm Description: Include a complete narrative description of the Respondent’s firm. Information should include:

The Respondent’s areas of architectural specialization.

• Firm’s history.

• Location of home and/or branch office that will complete this work.

• Names of the principal officers of the firm.

• Identification of major consultants that will work on the project and location of their offices where work will be performed.

• A listing of any lawsuits or litigation within the last 5 years, including the results of the action.

• Organization Chart: Include a simple organizational chart showing how the Respondent would organize its personnel for the project.

• Average Hourly Rate

Key Professionals

• Identify key member s of your team that would be involved in the project and describe their areas of expertise and role in the Architects team.

• Resumes: Provide resumes of any person identified as a key professional. The resumes should contain the following:

  • Name
  • Educational Background
  • Professional certifications, licenses, awards.
  • Association memberships pertaining to K-12 design.
  • Proposed role in the project.
  • Identification of other relevant projects in which the person has been involved and a name/phone number of representatives of any project cited that can be contacted for a reference.
  • Other information you believe to be relevant.

Section II – A Narrative that Addresses the Following Selection Criteria:

Qualifications should be organized to clearly address the selection criteria on which the selection will be made.Prior K-12 school design experience with projects of similar scale and complexity.

  • Prior experience with school district clients and processes for projects of similar scale and complexity.
  • Clear understanding of the functional and operational aspects of specialized buildings such as these.
  • Identifying the process that your firm will use to define the owner’s needs and how those needs will be incorporated into the final design.
  • Professional qualifications of individuals assigned to the Project.
  • History of effective scheduled and budget management for projects of similar scale and complexity.
  • The basis upon which the firm proposes to charge for its services.

Section III – Relevant Experience of the Respondent (Reference and Prior Projects):

List the last five (5) K-12 school projects the firm completed or will complete this year. Include:

  • School District. o Name of School.
  • Type of School.
  • Project Location.
  • Year completed and occupied.
  • Total project cost.
  • Project delivery method.
  • Description of the services your firm performed. o Indicate which team members were involved in the project and specify their role.
  • Provide a statement acknowledging if the project was completed on time and within budget along with percentage of change orders.
  • Project contact name, title address, phone number.



Michele Huntoon, Ed.D.


Anissa Dizon, Dan Kerbs, Casey Powers, Monica Martinez-Guaracha, Oren Beske