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Police / Fire

COMMENTARY: Supreme Court to rule on potential Fourth Amendment rights violation by police

Police run illegal warrants checks based on a public safety red herring


Business / Economy

COMMENTARY: Is law enforcement employing “Stingray” technology and keeping it from defense attorneys and judges?

Police use of technology intercepts private cellphone communications while hiding it from attorneys and the courts

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Government / Politics

COMMENTARY: Because they don’t want you to know

Why police and city politicians vigorously fight against releasing videos funded by our tax dollars

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Children and Youth

COMMENTARY: After all the hoopla that was the 4th of July, what are we of a different stripe to celebrate?

“… the hallelujahs of a nation’s jubilee, I say it with a sad sense of the disparity between us” - Frederick Douglass

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COMMENTARY: A fresh alternative to Hollister’s police-surveillance-state farmers’ market and community events

A surveillance camera-free and truly family-friendly shopping environment at Gavilan College

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Government / Politics

COMMENTARY: Federal Appeals Court Rules NSA’s Bulk Collection Spy Program Illegal

Ruling in response to lawsuit by ACLU

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Business / Economy

COMMENTARY: Why I don’t patronize downtown Hollister

I can’t back businesses that support violation of my privacy and civil liberties

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Business / Economy

COMMENTARY: Not Just a Ferguson Problem, But a California Reality

How traffic courts drive inequality in California

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Business / Economy

COMMENTARY: Policing practices shaped by revenue generation rather than public safety

The hope is that Hollister will not become the Ferguson of the west in its quest to generate revenue from its vulnerable elderly, poor and Latino population

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Government / Politics

COMMENTARY: San Benito Rising talks 2016 elections

San Benito Rising looks toward the 2016 elections and supporting community-responsive public servants

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COMMENTARY: Measure J’s approval by vast majority of residents served notice to local politicians

Local politicians failed their constituents one more time on important issues

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Government / Politics

COMMENTARY: Plans to expand scope of license-plate readers alarm privacy advocates

How police license plate scanners violate our rights

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Government / Politics

COMMENTARY: Middle East War Technology and Tactics Find a Home in Domestic Intelligence Gathering by Policing

Local politicians fail to understand the true meaning of the constitution and are passé

Business / Economy

COMMENTARY: Which California city will be the next surveillance ‘police’ state?

How technology has invaded our lives and privacy, civil liberties, civil rights, and anonymity

Business / Economy

COMMENTARY: The true intent of law enforcement called into question

San Jose police acts secretly in purchase of drone with city council approval