COMMENTARY: Recent Court Opinion on the Decisions by Local Leaders Raises Questions

How elected and appointed officials have failed to support the greater community's interests

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Business / Economy

COMMENTARY: What if you were given the opportunity to invest $400,000 of Hollister’s general fund dollars in your community?

Could the money spent on surveillance cameras have been spent in a more effective way?

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Business / Economy

COMMENTARY: Are we being watched at the Farmers’ Market?

Surveillance cameras give event a 'big brother' feel

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Government / Politics

Surveillance provides a false sense of safety and security

COMMENTARY: Hollister residents have allowed our elected officials to violate our privacy and civil liberties

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Government / Politics

You Are Being Tracked

How the lack of rules govering the search, seizure, achiving and dissemination of personal information violates our privacy and civil liberties

Business / Economy

Court Rules Surveillance Tracking and other Nasty Habits Unconstitutionl

Decision highlights the constitutional conundrum the City of Hollister faces