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 Have you taken a drive out of town lately?  Spring has definitely sprung out in Bitterwater.  The wildflowers are in full bloom, along with my allergies!  If you’d like to see the pretty green hills and wildflowers, you’d better do it quick because if we don’t get another shot of rain soon, the green grass won’t last much longer.


Tracie Eggleston said goodbye to her son Tel last week as he headed off to Saratoga, Wyoming with his grandpa Brud.  They will be there for 6 months running  2,500 head of steers.  Tel will be home schooling while he is there.  I’m sure Tracie, Megan, Meryl, Marlie, Molly and Raylan will all miss Tell while he’s gone, but, they are planning a trip to go visit them this summer.



Several South County residents spent last weekend in Clovis for the Clovis Ranch Rodeo.  Participating from our area were Dan Lock, Colleen Sabin, JW Brewen, Lee Whitney, Hec, Kasey and Taylor Jo Hurley and Blake and Jessika Willoughby.  Congratulations to Dan and his team mates, Wyatt Bourdet, Frankie Martinez and Pat Boyle for winning the team title and bringing home beautiful new saddles.  On Sunday, Hurley’s, Brewens, Willoughby’s and Lee went to the Tulare County Cattlemen’s Ranch Rodeo where Lee won the men’s all around title and Taylor Jo won the ladies all around.  Kate and Sarah Brewen participated in a few events in Tulare as well.


While Kate and Sarah were participating in Tulare, sister Emily was at the State FFA convention in Fresno.  Kiana Almagaur, another Bitterwater School alumni, was at the state convention as well.  Kiana took part in the state choir and got a solo part as well.  


Kasey Hurley, Cynnie O’Connor and myself spent last Thursday down in Paso Robles at the Horsemen’s Reunion.  That is quite an event, if you’ve never been and enjoy watching good horsemanship demonstrations, put in on your ‘agenda for next year.  Kelly Bray’s fiance, Kelly Barker was one of the emcee’s for the event.  He is a very entertaining, colorful emcee who also did a great demonstration on how to start a young roping horse.  Kyla Rianda was one of the horsewomen who participated last year but since she’s due to have a baby next month, she had to decline the invitation to participate this year.  



Easter is this weekend and it sure looks like it’s going to be a nice day.  Be sure to give me a call or email me at wendymsans@aol.com with any news you’d like to share.  

Happy Easter everyone!