photo of Third Street in San Juan

I have clout.

I was out Sunday afternoon along 3rd street and was collared by a local merchant.  She said I had clout with the City and should do something about the fire.  She was referring to Saturday’s fire at Tom’s Vintage Lighting and Orient Express.  Apparently she and some others had concerns about the Fire Department.

Her comment about ‘clout’ got me thinking., in part because she’s not the only person to make a similar observation.  The funny thing is I’m a relative newcomer having moved to San Juan less than two years ago. 

In fact, I think she’s right.  I’m known to the City Council and most of the City Staff.  They listen to me.  And that’s the first step in my path to power.  I’m engaged in the conversation.  I go to meetings and talk to City Council and Staff and other members of the community. 

The second, and most important, step is respect.  I try to be sensitive to other viewpoints and the right of others to disagree.  At the end of the day, we all want a better San Juan and that mostly means the same things.  Together we can create change.

I have more influence in setting the course because I’m out having the conversation.  I look for ways to get what I want without ignoring the City’s limitations, mostly budgetary.

The City wants to hear you.  You have clout too.  Come get it.