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Library fundraiser a success

A recent Friends of the Library event raised $4,500

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OPINION: Bernosky's First 100 Days

Rob Bernosky, who was elected to the Hollister School District Governing Board in November, shares his view of what the school board has been doing

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Legal Prop. 215 medical marijuana plants grown at Purple Cross RX.

OPINION: Sheriff/DA to lobby Supes to eradicate medical marijuana crops:Just Say No

Sheriff Thompson and DA Hooper will lobby county supervisors for resources to eradicate alleged illegal medical marijuana crops at next BOS public meeting, hoping for pot luck

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OPINION: 15th anniversary of Hollister Peace Vigil nears

Group of nonviolent demonstrators has maintained a street-corner protest against war and military actions since 2002

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OPINION: We need the EPA

Federal environmental regulations to clean up our air and water have been a huge success story, and younger readers might not know this history

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Picture of electricity lines

OPINION: San Benito County moves toward Community Choice Energy

The Green Business Committee of the Chamber of Commerce encourages the effort

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Play equipment for parks spark the imagination, so important to joyful well-being.

OPINION: Parks and rec conference attendance needs county support

Conference in Sacramento discussed how to get parks built and how to maintain them

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OPINION: County signs on for huge transportation tax increase

Desperate for road taxes, county supervisors back a bad plan rather than demand essential reform of the state budget process

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STRAW Returns to Gonzales Ranch with Local Students

Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed (STRAW) continues restoration planting with local students on a working cattle ranch. Interested community members are invited to participate.

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Small girl reaches for books on shelf while holding a doll.

OPINION: Preserving our Library

The Friends of the Library will hold its annual fundraiser this Sunday from 1-3:30 p.m.; tickets are on sale now.

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OPINION: When to sell?

Having your home in great shape can be more important that when you list

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OPINION: No one answers the phone anymore – with good reason

Enforcement of consumer communication protection laws remains a low priority for government

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Supervisor De La Cruz visits Washington DC.

Supervisor De La Cruz reports from Washington, D.C.

County supervisor attended legislative conference to meet with Congressmen and federal staff about county governmental issues

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Opinion: Why use a local Realtor?

Online information is helpful but only local realtors know the market.

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OPINION: Time to change NATO’s mission and funding

President Trump has proposed long overdue updates to NATO

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OPINION: Getting traffic off of Hollister area roads

How we could reduce auto and truck traffic on Hollister roads by making better use of our local railroad branch line (The Hollister Industrial Lead)

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OPINION: LULAC holds 20th annual legislative conference

Various topics addressed at February conference in Washington, D.C.

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OPINION: The U.S. is an immigration lifeboat, but who gets saved?

Is it an orderly process or is it every man for himself?

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OPINION: Hollister City Council is looking dysfunctional

Curing basic rifts is one area where the Brown Act fails

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OPINION: Preparing saves time

Bring your lender into the loop and identify your price bracket

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