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COLUMN: Risks of Investment Properties

When considering investment housing, there are issues and concerns to be aware of.

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OPINION: Is the cannabis industry hiding organized crime bosses?

Who is really behind the shadowy network of the so-called medical/recreational cannabis industry coming to San Benito County? Like Russian nesting dolls, do shell companies conceal organized crime?

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OPINION: SBHS thanks the county for support of Nash Road closure and bypass

The road closure is designed to improve safety on the 3,000 student campus and create a bypass for vehicles

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Medical Cannabis Delivery Services

OPINION: Medical cannabis deliveries in Hollister: Who will speak for the mobility impaired?

With permitted, taxed and regulated brick-and-mortar medical cannabis dispensaries coming to Hollister, what will the city do to accommodate 'mobility impaired' patients who need delivery services to obtain medicine.

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New housing construction in Hollister.

OPINION: Development Agreements Can Be a Better Solution

This is the fourth and final article in a series about residential development management in Hollister and San Benito County

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OPINION: Facebook Live Streaming Council Meetings

People should be able to live stream (shoot video and run it live from that location) at public meetings. Not everyone can attend and the information should be shared.

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Traffic leaving Highway 101 to take Hwy 25 to Hollister

OPINION: Traffic Impacts – Deficiencies, Legalities and Cost

This is the third in a series of articles about residential development in the City of Hollister

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COLUMN: How long do people stay in their homes?

San Benito County is its own hyper-local market and that means we are often different from other counties and states.

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Joshua Miller photo

OPINION: Historical development rates don’t matter, only today and tomorrow

This is the second in a series of articles about residential development in the City of Hollister

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CMAP TV's Ian Slattery runs Adam Breen and the BenitoLink staff through the news capabilities of the iphone.  L.David photo

Onward! BenitoLink Marches Forward

The BenitoLink team looks back at progress made and an expanding staff.

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COLUMN: Millennials are the group to watch

Millennials prove to have the highest purchase increase over any other group.

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A new direction for Breen

BenitoLink content director is moving to an advisory role with the website as his teaching role at San Benito High School becomes full-time

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Homes under construction in Hollister. (Leslie David photo)

OPINION: The case for a timeout on vesting new city developments

Today’s vested development decisions may be implemented 20 years or more into the future under our current rules; therefore, we have to do them right

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OPINION: SBHS superintendent welcomes the new school year

Shawn Tennenbaum says enthusiasm on campus, new strategic plan and Advanced Placement success are reasons for optimism

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OPINION: Hollister needs to fund more library operations

The meager level of library funding from the City of Hollister hurts city residents most

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OPINION: Gavilan has work to do to earn support for new bond

As local community college considers new bond measure, it needs to convince voters that the money will be spent as intended

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Service Employees International Union

OPINION: We Are The Union

In a county where a two-bedroom apartment costs $2,000 a month, county workers cannot afford to work here anymore

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OPINION: Thank you, Hollister, from Purple Cross RX

Purple Cross RX owners Scott McPhail and Kim Hurtado thank the Hollister City Council for its unanimous vote to allow them to operate a medical cannabis dispensary in Hollister.

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OPINION: Pets are a source of unconditional love

The right pet can brighten your life - spend a lttle time and make a good selection

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OPINION: Homeless make Dunne Park unwelcoming

Dunne Park is a favorite recreation site near the downtown area, but some in the homeless population live there

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