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OPINION: Measure U Redux: U is for Unsatisfactory

Hollister digs up the old, failed, Growth Management plan to become the new failed plan

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OPINION: Nov. 7 vote would pad two annual retirements $8,100 avg.

Supervisors De La Cruz and Botelho would reap huge retirement bumps, almost all at taxpayer expense.

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OPINION: Proposed Supervisors Salaries

Either change the job description for the supervisors in the next elections and give increased salary or give them only cost of living salary now.

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OPINION: Practical embryonic DNA modification is coming and soon

Who should define the ethical limits of DNA manipulation?

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OPINION: The monster within us all

Will future generations be able to control their monsters any better than in the past?

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OPINION: Campus construction projects have economic impact locally

Half of the construction hours put into San Benito High School construction projects funded by voter-supported bond measures have been done by workers living in the tri-county area

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San Benito County Supervisors  (Chadwell photo)

OPINION: 55% pay raise means an added $26,821 for Supervisors

By a 4-1 vote, Rivas in opposition, County Supervisors take an unearned raise to $75,015 a year before $20,000 in benefits.

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San Benito County Amateur Radio Association members Tim Takeuchi and Dave Fears (BenitoLink file photo)

OPINION: Disaster communications

Are you prepared for alternate communications in a disaster? Ham radio operators can take over when cell towers and land lines fail.

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CMAP-TV studios

OPINION: The Diminishing Value of CMAP-TV to San Benito County

CMAP-TV the nonprofit public access cable TV station has moved from Gavilan College to Christopher High School to Greenhouse Coworking in downtown Gilroy. Its value to San Benito County is diminishing and its leadership is in serious question.

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OPINION: SBHS test scores, graduate rate continue to improve

Continued improvement and outpacing of the state in many categories are encouraging signs, as the district works to give students the most options upon graduation

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Hollister Major Parks Coverage

OPINION: Recreation Master Planning is Overdue for Consolidation

It makes sense to have a consolidated recreational facility master plan that serves all county residents

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Protest for Immigration Legalization  (J. Morris photo)

OPINION: City of Hollister a "Dreamer's City"

Writer asks, what is a "Dreamer's City"?

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American Flag  (Photo provided by Pixabay)

OPINION: Protests & Patriotism

This article discusses perspectives regarding the NFL National anthem protests.

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OPINION: Hollister School District Advancing in California Student Test Score Results

Hollister School District Advancing in California Student Test Score Results

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Hollister School District Employees.

OPINION: The Hollister School District from a board member’s view

Part three is about the most important decisions we are about to make since this writer has been on the board: setting new goals.

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OPINION: Local Entrepreneur Presses Case for Fair Treatment

Appeal filed with Hollister City Council to address process violations, disqualifications of cannabis dispensary applicants.

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San Benito County Administration building on Fourth St. in Hollister.

OPINION: San Benito County votes no on economic development

SBC fails to seriously compete to improve its poor economic condition; the inevitable result will be decades of underservice to its residents.

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OPINION: County Workers Stage Final Rally Before Contract Expires

San Benito County Workers rally to demand accountability

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