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COMMENTARY: Not conservative enough?

Republican candidate for the Congressional seat long held by Sam Farr addresses why she's a Republican

Some people have told me that I am not conservative enough to be a Republican.

I’m often asked why I’m a Republican, and it’s a question that deserves a response, for two reasons. First, I reject the assertion that others get to tell me what it means to be a Republican, and second, because those of us who want to earn the public trust should be prepared to tell the public what we stand for.

I believe in climate change, I believe in comprehensive immigration reform, and I believe that it is a leadership failure to shut down the federal government and imperil the lives of public employees over the alarming actions of a single organization.  I believe that the federal government has an important role to play, but so do state and local governments. When government bureaucracies get involved in activities to which they are not suited, operations become less efficient, more expensive, and more complicated, and citizens are often the ones who bear the burden.

These days, both parties have been taken over by hyper-partisans, who can see no path to the collaboration necessary to effectively govern a nation of more than 300 million people. Instead of finding areas where the government can serve the people, my own party has been sidetracked by issues like abortion, gay marriage, and climate change. Many in my party have increasingly become more problem-focused and less solution–focused.

As a Republican, I end up having to explain this behavior to local voters. I admit that it is also frustrating to me because I too want my interests and those of my family and community to be well represented by those in Washington.  But many of the Republicans who are so vocal in the media do not represent my interests or beliefs, nor do I believe they exemplify the vast majority of Republicans in this country who are going about their lives, raising their families, and who also want to see a government where different parties work together to solve the many challenges before us. 

When Pope Francis was visiting the U.S., he said that a Church that does nothing but explain its doctrine is dangerously imbalanced.  This is true of political parties as well.  If my Party seeks only to trumpet its ideology without offering solutions and a willingness to compromise, then it has become dangerously imbalanced. 

The Republican Party that I am proud to be a member of is the party of Teddy Roosevelt, who created the national parks system; Eisenhower, who safeguarded America in the dark early days of the Cold War by establishing a strong national security deterrent; Calvin Coolidge, who advocated for the civil rights of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities; and Jack Kemp, who focused on innovative ways to share the American dream with the poor.  These are the kinds of Republicans from whom I draw inspiration, and they exemplify the kind of Republican I aspire to be.

Casey Lucius is a Pacific Grove City Councilmember and is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 20th District.  For more information on her candidacy, visit


Submitted by (Marvin Jones) on

Other than being incorrect on Climate Change, Casey is right on

Submitted by (Joe Morris) on

With a wink: Other than being incorrect on climate change, Marvin is right on. Keep up the good work, Casey!

Submitted by (Seth Capron) on

It's ironic that Casey Lucius identifies her beliefs with a string of prominent members of yesteryear's Republican Party. They would probably all be horrified if they could see the blind alley that the current Republican Party has gotten lost in. Electing more Republicans to the House of Representatives will only perpetuate the disfunction and disorganization in the House. It's odd that Casey's explanation for why she is a Republican is mostly an apology for many of the parties appalling positions which are completely out of step with the American electorate. Those are the policies the a Republican Speaker will champion if kept in power by more Republican congressional representatives. Sam Farr is a man of principle who almost always votes the way I would want him to.

Right. Sam Farr always votes to give you free stuff. Except somebody has to pay for all that free stuff.....

Submitted by (Stephen Mills) on

The free stuff goes to banks, corporations and millionaires. And no Sam Farr doesn't vote for this giveaway. Do you know who does? I'll give you a hint their party name starts with an R.

Really? Then why are the big banks giving Hillary Clinton hundreds of thousands of dollars? See page A4 of today's (October 17) Mercury News for story.......

Submitted by (Will McGuire) on

After reading Casey's resume I came away totally confused, She belongs to a party that doesn't really exist anymore, her brain is telling her something is terribly wrong in the political world, but she isn't ready to listen to it, there is no room in the Republican Party for "Independent Thinkers" but being young and energetic she thinks she can change the party of old white conservative men - I wish her luck, common sense has failed there.

Sigh. Here we have a Republican candidate who is in tune with California. So Democrats immediately do everything possible to discredit her by pointing to Republicans who are not even from California. I suppose that I should not be surprised by their desire to hold on to every last elected office in the state. The idea of a viable two party system is anathema to those who benefit from one party control. And from those knee jerk voters who imagine that they benefit because they have never known any other system. I want to thank Casey Lucias for running. She will have my vote.

Submitted by (Robert D Vaughn) on

I'm just an old white guy who always votes Democrat because the Republicans scare the beans dip out of me. How long could that clear fresh young voice resist the Republican dogma? She would be broken and beaten down until she relented and became just one more vote for the status quo. The suits would overwhelm her. It's depressing but that's what I think.... Of course she could become a Republican Senator Pelosi and take over?... That would be good.

Submitted by (Enrico Mancini) on

Mrs. Lucius is spot on to my sense of the direction the party needs to go, seeing the relevant and balanced role of government at all levels, a focus on values, and all out energy towards solving problems. It's my hope the she wins and helps us change direction in the party.

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