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Service Employees International Union

OPINION: We Are The Union

In a county where a two-bedroom apartment costs $2,000 a month, county workers cannot afford to work here anymore

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OPINION: Thank you, Hollister, from Purple Cross RX

Purple Cross RX owners Scott McPhail and Kim Hurtado thank the Hollister City Council for its unanimous vote to allow them to operate a medical cannabis dispensary in Hollister.

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OPINION: Pets are a source of unconditional love

The right pet can brighten your life - spend a lttle time and make a good selection

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OPINION: Homeless make Dunne Park unwelcoming

Dunne Park is a favorite recreation site near the downtown area, but some in the homeless population live there

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OPINION: Healthcare is too expensive overall, that’s the real problem

Politicians refuse to face up to the fundamental issue which is the overall cost of healthcare

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OPINION: It’s time for our community to become one

County supervisor says residents, elected officials and business owners need to collaborate and communicate for the betterment of the community

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OPINION: Nuclear war – We have the most to lose

If North Korea can make nuclear weapons and ICBMs, who can’t?

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OPINION: Self-evident truths; our best ideals are worth keeping

Even imperfect beings can seek perfection in society and government

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Column: Why buy a home this summer?

When mortgage rates increase, your purchasing power declines

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OPINION: Let's celebrate the fourth estate this Fourth of July

The media are your friends: stop calling them names

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OPINION: What the Fourth of July means to those of us not included

How does a society grapple with certain undeniable historical truths?

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OPINION: We are a proud and envied nation

State Sen. Anthony Canella encourages constituents to profess their patriotism

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Students at Rancho San Justo Middle School 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

OPINION: The Hollister School District from a board member’s view

Robert Bernosky addresses the internal hurdles and the limits of a board member that must be overcome to bring about positive change in the Hollister School District

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Cannabis tourism coming to San Benito County?

OPINION: San Benito cannabis tourism industry is highly likely

San Benito County should embrace the advent of cannabis tourism, encouraging investments in the Hollister Airport with new hotels, restaurants, performing arts venues and regional tour operators

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OPINION: Solving the mysteries of the commute

Trying to nail down the updated economic and social impacts of commuting is a challenge

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OPINION: The Republican healthcare plan would devastate California’s rural communities

U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris says that in rural communities, millions of Americans would lose coverage under the GOP healthcare plan that “would threaten the rural hospitals, clinics, and health centers,” among other health care resources

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OPINION: Do you consider yourself a technological optimist? I don’t, and here is why

Technology by itself is not, and will not, be enough to move our California’s agriculture to the next level in terms of productivity and environmental sustainability. Engaging and educating youth needs to go hand-in-hand with technological improvements

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A person sits alone on the bench observing the scenery.

OPINION: How to fight frustrations and find peace of mind

We all must cope with things beyond our control, and inability to do anything about them annoys us enormously. What can we do to avoid or at least mitigate this feeling?

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OPINION: Private enterprise drives the economy of San Benito County

In spite of a large government footprint on local employment, the private sector is still the driving economic force

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City Manager Bill Avera

OPINION: Hollister mayor refuses to investigate allegations of impropriety against city manager

Velazquez apparently refused to investigate allegations against Hollister City Manager Bill Avera regarding public records request and potential abuse of power

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