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COMMUNITY OPINION: Back to the future

Mary Zanger writes that supervisors insist on going back to the past regarding developments like the Searle Road node.

This community opinion was contributed by resident Mary Zanger. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

I am wondering why the supervisors insist on going back to the past regarding distant developments like the Searle Road Node when the future beckons us forward? In the middle of the last century sprawl was invented. Suburbs were developed. Living by commute to work, school and shopping was popularized. Then gas was cheap and most owned one car and maybe two. Since then little thinking has changed. That is the pathetic sadness.

This is the 21st Century and much has changed. Gas is expensive; worse it pollutes our atmosphere; climate change with forest fires, heat waves and droughts is upon us. Distant commutes for county services as well as worker commutes become expensive and polluting.  

Even the well touted tax revenue may be too little as tax sharing contracts will be made with other related tax sharing entities.

The future calls for growth within the city where there is already plenty of space like infill, and where commercial and residential zoning already exists. The future beckons to building worker housing, and jobs to repair roads, insulate buildings, manufacture alternate energy sources, and install solar panels.

With so much at stake we must not let the supervisors drag us backwards. We must push them forward. Our future calls for us to again shout out by signing another ballot petition only when the pandemic wanes and it becomes safe for us signature gatherers to circulate.

Mary Zanger


Mary Zanger