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COMMUNITY OPINION: First vaccination clinic of the 21st Century

Mary Zanger writes about vaccination efforts in San Benito County.

This community opinion was contributed by resident Mary Zanger. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

In spite of high hurdles and obstacles, our county health department won the race by performing a fantastic job of pulling off the first tier mass vaccination of the 21st Century on time. Seems to me that workers, employees, staff and nurses cleared the hurdles of withdrawing the proper number of doses from storage and making sure they got into willing arms, matching appointees with scheduling times, coordinating check in-stations, screening stations, and enough “shot” stations, all under the umbrella of maintaining computer data and tracking.

It seems that the San Benito County Health Department and San Benito Foundation together serve our whole population. Both have dedicated staff to administer vaccines. I feel grateful to the Foundation for vaccinating the underserved farm workers deemed essential and at high risk in the first tier. They are the ones putting food on our tables while suffering the most. Precious time need not be wasted on investigations rather we should celebrate a well delivered vaccination program.

What seems to me to be a more critical juggling act is not to waste any leftover doses, as they cannot go back into storage. Better to ensure that once doses are removed from storage all are administered. Vaccinating the poor is a much better option than wastage.   

Important to remember that there is no need to elbow in line because no lines exist in this pandemic. We are all in this race together; we are just in different “heats.” Together we will win or together we will lose.    

Mary Zanger


Mary Zanger