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COMMUNITY OPINION: Vaccines like Starship Enterprise

Mary Zanger shares her thoughts on COVID-19 vaccinations by using a Star Trek analogy.

This community opinion was contributed by resident and retired pharmacist Mary Zanger. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

San Benito County Health Department has been amazing, efficient and brilliant in setting up drive thru vaccination clinics that vaccinate wide swaths of eligible citizens. In spite of having such a dedicated health department some of us resist. Some of us, here at home, under 65 want to receive it and can’t, while others over 65 can get it but do not want it. Worse, some believe myths like: it contains micro-chips, it uses baby tissue, it is too new, it is not 100%, or it will cause sickness.

Maybe the Starship Enterprise can help. Suppose Captain Kirk inspected ruins of a crashed ship and found only one alien barely alive. He took this alien aboard and flew away. This ungrateful alien caused some attending crew members to develop a new uniform. This strange new uniform alarmed the other crew members, especially Spock who recognized something wrong and consulted Dr. McKoy.

McKoy discovered the alien dead, but Spock recognized the uniform development to be only a cover. Spock recommended a wait while the remaining crew developed an ability to strip off the offending uniform. Following the stripping Spock congratulated the crew and assured them saying, “We are now all stronger to resist an alien like that one.”

Now think that the Covid Vaccine is like the single disabled alien. The vaccine is a single half of one viral protein. Because it is the instruction half it gives orders to make  the other half. Spock would simplify the orders to message and call it mRNA. This one mRNA protein has power to command body cells to construct a shield like the alien directed. Then when the body recognizes the problem of alien shields the body makes antibodies to eliminate the shield or virus corona and by eliminating the shield the whole virus is gone.

The Covid Vaccine is no micro-chip. It contains simply a single protein. The mRNA cannot cause the disease. There is no fetal tissue or any tissue involved. It is over 94% effective providing immunity to Covid which is better than any vaccine including the polio vaccine. This new technology is not really new but has been in the research pipeline for decades. Furthermore our SB County Health Department deserves a Medal of Freedom from Covid for outstanding dedication to eliminating the disease.

Mary Zanger

Mary Zanger