March 07, 2015 March 07, 2015

Art Exhibit Reception: Art 107 – SBHS Advanced Art Students

Exhibit of drawings and ceramics by advanced Art students at San Benito High School in the Artspace Gallery at 240 5th Street, Hollister, CA

Exhibit of artworks from Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art Students of San Benito High School (SBHS):
In 2001, teacher John W. Robrock, MFA initiated the AP Studio Art program at SBHS. AP in Studio Art is not like other AP subjects, where students take a written exam to test that they have mastered the subject at a college level. In May, AP students must submit a digital portfolio of 24 artworks, including five of the original artworks, demonstrating a breadth of media, technique and subjects. The portfolios are graded 0 to 5 by college professors. From 2003-2014, more than 130 of Robrock’s students have completed portfolios and all but a handful earned scores of 3 to 5. Colleges award college credits according to the AP scores, for example at UC Santa Cruz, a score of 5 would be awarded 8 credits, thus saving students thousands of dollars in tuition costs.

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