September 27, 2018 September 27, 2018

From Scotland to San Benito County

Join us for a special presentation on the history of the Anderson family and how they contributed to the history of our community.

Volunteering at the San Benito County Historical Society is interesting—I did not grow up in San Benito County, and I will never be considered a local by those who have, but I am always learning something new, and I feel like I have lived here all my life. Oh but wait, I am related to Colonel Hollister, a recent discovery I made while researching information for an upcoming presentation about the Anderson family.

The San Benito County Historical Society would like to invite you to our Quarterly Membership Meeting on Wednesday, September 26th at 7:00 pm, 498 Fifth Street, Hollister. We will present a program about the Anderson family, “From Scotland to San Benito County” including a 30-minute video on how they arrived in California followed by a 30-minute slide presentation with quotes from the actual stories written many years ago.

A donation of six boxes full of documentation, photographs, and artifacts (more than 500 individual records) have painted a colorful picture of the Anderson family, thanks in part to the writings of two people. After hours of additional research to fill in the gaps, we have come up with a more complete picture of a local landmark—hopefully shining a spotlight on this long-forgotten place.

Seating is limited to 35 people, and admission for members of the Historical Society is free. The public is invited to attend at just $5 per person.

My memories of San Benito County are from photographs, newspapers, and information I have learned while volunteering at the Wapple House Museum. Research is a passion and sharing stories like this is what the Historical Society is all about. We hope to promote an interest in and appreciation of the County's past, by providing this opportunity to attend an educational program. You won’t be disappointed.

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