February 11, 2016 February 11, 2016

Growers Workshop

Growers Workshop


Mr. Richard Smith, University of California Cooperative Extension, Expertise: vegetable crops and weed science

Dr. Michael Cahn, University of California Cooperative Extension, Expertise: irrigation and water resources

Ms. Sara Tiffany, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Solution Center for Nutrient Management

Mr. Chris Rose, Senior Environmental Scientist with the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Board

Topics include:

Nitrogen use of vegetable crops and water quality regulations, Mr. Chris Rose
Nitrogen budgets of vegetable crops, Mr. Richard Smith
Water use of vegetable crops, Dr. Michael Cahn
Fertilizer technologies for improving Nitrogen use efficiency, Mr. Richard Smith
CropManage: online decision support tool for Nitrogen and water management, Dr. Michael Cahn
Nutrient Solution Center, Ms. Sara Tiffany

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