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Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Dispose of Houshold Hazardous Waste FREE!

The County of San Benito Integrated Waste Management Regional Agency sponsors Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection days. These events serve the cities of Hollister, San Juan Bautista, and the unincorporated areas of San Benito County. The purpose is for residents of San Benito County to lawfully dispose of household hazardous waste that is not accepted by the landfill. Hazardous wastes are any unused or leftover portions of products containing toxic chemicals. There is no charge for dropping off this waste. This program is limited to household hazardous waste generated by residents, and proof of residency is required. The limit is either 15 gallons (total) or 125 pounds of material per trip.

What is Household Hazardous Waste?
Any hazardous waste that you use in your home, yard, or garage, including automotive fluids (oil, gas, etc), can be brought to the HHW collection event. They will often have POISON, DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION or PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTS printed on the label.

In the Yard: Pesticides, Fungicides, Weed Killers, Pool Chemicals, Small Propane Tanks
In the Garage: Antifreeze, Oil & Filters, Gasoline, Wash & Polishes, Auto Batteries, Engine Cleaners, Brake Fluid
In the Workshop: Paint (all kinds), Paint Thinner, Wood Preservatives, Glues & Adhesives, Solvents, Photo Chemicals
In the House: Ammonia Based Cleaners, Bleach Based Cleaners, Aerosol Sprays, Polishes, Fluorescent Lamps, Nail Polish & Remover, Medications & Syringes

NOT ACCEPTED: Explosives, Ammunition, Radioactive Waste, Biological Waste (syringes & lancets must be in an approved Sharps container available free to San Benito County residents). Call 831-636-4110 for more information.

For additional information on collection programs, call the San Benito County Integrated Waste Management Regional Agency at 831-636-4170

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