Inspire Performing Arts Academy Presents "An Inconvenient Corpse"

Want a fun Valentine's Day? How about dinner and a murder?
Repeats every week every Friday and every Saturday until Sat Feb 16 2019 .
Event Time(s): 
6:00pm dinner Fridays and Saturdays, 1:00pm matinees Saturdays

Inspire Performing Arts Academy is pleased to announce our Teen Murder Mystery Dinner theater production of 2019 will be "An Inconvenient Corpse". A dead body can be so inconvenient... especially when it’s the corpse of the meeting’s guest of honor, who drops dead after eating the pasta salad at the potluck lunch! Is this the worst gluten reaction ever? Was he murdered? Unable to decide what to do, the ladies try to hide the body. Non-stop hilarity begins as they try to keep the corpse out of sight from their unexpected guests.

Come enjoy our talented ensemble cast as they perform for you while you enjoy a wonderful dinner with our host, Paine's Restaurant. Paine's has long been a favorite dining experience in Hollister, and we are so happy to partner with them each year. Conveniently scheduled around the Valentine's Day Holiday, you can abandon those tired old candlelit dinner plans and take the person you love for something truly exciting. Better yet, this play is fun for the whole family so bring those kids along for the fun!''


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