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Kids SJB Summer Enrichment Camp

2 week program at SJB Library from July 6-17

The 2015 SJB Summer Enrichment Camp revives a summer program that ran during the years 2000 - 2005. The San Juan Bautista and Aromas area have few affordable summer programs for youth. For example, 78 percent of SJB youth qualify for the free or reduced lunch program, so we have set a sliding scale fee ($20, $30 or $40) that maximizes our program's access to families. Our program is funded by donations from local businesses and individuals. We also have a large number of volunteers (from SJB LULAC and San Benito Rising) who help run the program.

San Juan Bautista

2015 Summer Enrichment Camp

July 6 - July 17 (9am – 1pm)

Theme: Restoring Our Environment

Location: San Juan Bautista Library

  • 30 to 35 students from SJB, Aromas and Hollister
  • 3 credentialed teachers
  • 6 high school interns (camp assistants)
  • We’ll be planting native trees/plants & working to restore part of the Pajaro River


Week 1

Day 1 – Understanding Our Environmental Challenges

Understanding ecosystem concepts
Monarch butterflies (Guest speaker, Martha from Natural Bridges State Park)

90% of Monarchs have disappeared since 1990 (almost 1 billion butterflies, only 30 million left)
Decline due to herbicides like Roundup that kill milkweed, and also climate change
Other insects disappearing too

Bees (Guest speaker, a beekeeper who will bring comb honey for kids to taste)

Decline of bees due to pesticides used in agriculture

Day 2 -- What are some Solutions to Environmental Challenges?

Examples of youth who are tackling Environmental Challenges
Short videos of Ta’Kaiya Blaney & Alex Loorz (followed by discussions)
Guest youth speaker from (Becky Chung, age 17)
Fieldtrip -- walk around SJB to observe trees, discuss photosynthesis, ecosystem & biodiversity concepts (Andy)
Guest youth speaker, Jesse Vallejo (started Haybalers Against Fracking facebook page)

Day 3 -- Specific Solutions: Solar Energy, Model Green City & Sustainable Agriculture

Discuss how solar cells work & how wind turbines work

Examples of solar oven, solar bio light, solar flashlight, sample windmill
Example of electric car – Nissan Leaf

Fieldtrip to Pinnacle Farm (Phil Foster leads tour of his solar installation & organic farm)  

Day 4 -- Understanding biomes, water cycle, carbon cycle -- soil

Guest speaker, Shawn Novak discusses water, drought, climate change & conservation
Fieldtrip to Morris Ranch (Joe Morris)
Discuss how Native Americans, Spanish & Americans have altered local ecosystem

Day 5 – Recycling & Work on Projects -- art, music, etc.

Guest speaker from Recology (reduce, recycle, reuse info)

Week 2

Day 1 -- Reforestation intro -- The Man who Planted Trees (watch video)

Discuss video -- Ecological benefits/services that trees provide for ecosystems 
Watch Plant for the Planet video - Felix Finkbinder (followed by discussions)
Plant perennials around San Juan Bautista soccer field using Groasis Waterboxx (Joey)

Day 2 – Show STRAW video

Guest speaker -- biologist from STRAW (Student & Teachers Restore A Watershed)

Day 3 – Work on a STRAW Maintenance Project – at Pajaro River (Gonzales Ranch)

Day 4 -- Setup & rehearse for evening Open House – art, performances, etc. 6pm Potluck & Presentation to parents & community members (at SJB Community Center)

Day 5 -- -- Hike at a park (Fremont Peak), go to beach, or Morgan Hill Water Park (students will vote on this)


Videos, Web Sites & Resources:
1) Ta'Kaiya Blaney (Canada) (Shallow Waters song) (Speech)  (Earth Revolution song) (Ta'Kaiya's web site)

2) Alex Loorz (USA) (website for Alex's organization)

3 ) Felix Finkbeiner (Germany)

(reforestation) (speech to UN) (speech at conference) (web site for Felix's organization)

4) Text of short story "The Man Who Planted Trees" by Jean Giono
(This story was not copyrighted, so it can be shared freely)

5) Academy Award winning short animation (30 min.) of "The Man Who Planted Trees"

6) STRAW video on DVD

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