November 16, 2016 November 16, 2016

Knocking Out Noxious Weeds on Rangelands

This workshop will showcase effective strategies to manage invasive species.

The direct annual cost to monitor and control invasive plants in California is $82 million, and the indirect economic impacts are even larger. Join the fight to reduce noxious weeds on rangelands and get the latest management tools at the 2016 Knocking Out Noxious Workshop Series! 

The workshop will include...

- Discussion on the economic losses caused by invasive species on rangelands;
- Showcase effective strategies to manage invasive species;
- Highlight cost-effective approaches that maximize success; and
- Feature reduced-risk practices while promoting biodiversity.

For additional information and to register please visit or contact event manager Tracy Schohr at [email protected] or 916.716.2643.

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