December 18, 2020 December 18, 2020
06:30 AM until 08:30 AM

San Benito Dance Academy Nutcracker Drive-In Premiere (8 shows Dec 18 to 23)

790 Bolsa Rd, Hollister, CA 95023-9361, United States
SBDA's first-ever Drive-In Nutcracker Premiere!
(You'll want to read the following very closely to ensure you understand the way entrance fees work for these showings!)
▪ Must be purchased in order for additional passengers to be accepted.
▪ A vehicle & driver reservation must be purchased online through the eventbrite ticketing system ($20) to save your vehicle spot.
▪ Vehicle & driver entry must be reserved online to guarantee entry, as at-the-door ticketing will only be available only if space allows.
▪ Online ticketing is only available up to two hours before each show.
Spots are limited in the venue lot, and ushers and parking attendants will guide parking according to vehicle size.
Each additional vehicle occupant after the driver is just $10.
These tickets for additional passengers will be available for purchase:
* online (card-payment/PayPal only through eventbrite system)
as well as for pre-sale:
* at the studio office (M-F from 3-6pm, Saturdays 9am-noon)
* or at the door upon vehicle pre-reservation
(cash, check, credit card payment accepted in studio and at event entrance)
Bring proof of purchase/reservation to present to attendance at the entry.
Entry Gate is open a half hour prior to each show time.
Parking attendants will guide parking according to vehicle size.
Merchandise & Concessions are for purchase before, during intermission, and after shows.
THE BACKSTORY... San Benito Dance Academy has presented a traditional production of The Nutcracker for 12 years. The challenges that 2020 brought us this season made it tricky, but we believed that with hard work and community efforts, we deserve to experience this tradition and make the magic happen in and for our community!
Over the course of 10 weeks, we forged a way through partnering with community organizations, local businesses, and government to safely film a reinvented "San Benito County" version of the traditional scenes in the production. We took precautionary measures abiding by county-health guidelines, rehearsing and filming in cohorts and mostly outdoor locations, on-the-go around the City of Hollister and greater San Benito County, showcasing historic landmarks and collaborating with local businesses and families in our community who graciously connected with us and allowed our trained dancers to perform.
Editing the footage of four different casts (identifying each show as A, B, C, or D)--each with two showings--we will present a total of eight showings in our six-day premiere running December 18-23, at a drive-in location, in the parking lot at 790 Bolsa Road.
Explanation of Showings and A-B-C-D Casts...
There are four different casts (A, B, C, D). Some dancers have parts that are in all four casts, just two of the casts (AD or BC), or just one of the casts (A, B, C, or D). Contact your dancer to know which cast he/she appears in, to ensure you make reservations to attend the appropriate show! (The total run time is about 90 minutes, without intermission between the two acts.)
1. Friday, December 18, 6:30pm: A Show/Cast
2. Saturday, December 19, 5:00pm: B Show/Cast
3. Saturday, December 19, 7:30pm: A Show/Cast
4. Sunday, December 20, 5:00pm: D Show/Cast
5. Sunday, December 20, 7:30pm: C Show/Cast
6. Monday, December 21, 6:30pm: B Show/Cast
7. Tuesday, December 22, 6:30pm: C Show/Cast
8. Wednesday, December 23, 6:30pm: D Show/Cast
Note: through the eventbrite system, if you want to purchase entry for more than one show, a separate order must be placed for each different show time. Sorry, we tried to figure out a way to allow tickets for multiple shows to be added to the cart, but the system doesn't enable that

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