July 24, 2014 July 24, 2014

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Seminar with AB 1825 Certification

This traininig is designed to comply with AB 1825 and provide tools to prevent harassment in the workplace. This seminar is designed to be engaging, interactive and fun!

Jeanine’s harassment prevention training is designed to fulfill California legal requirements and provide practical tools to prevent harassment in your workplace. The session is intended to be engaging, interactive, and despite the topic, fun!

California law requires employers with 50 or more employees to provide training on the prevention of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation. The training session will cover:

* Definition of unlawful sexual harassment and discrimination under California and federal law
* Definition of other forms of harassment and discrimination (age, race, religion, etc. )
* The state and federal laws that prohibit harassment, discrimination and retaliation
* Types of conduct that constitute sexual harassment -- including discussions on recent cases and cases I’m either involved with or know about through colleagues
* Remedies and resources available to individuals who believe that they have been subjected to harassment
* The limited confidentiality of the complaint process, how complaints are investigated, what an “investigation” is, and what outcomes could result
* Strategies to prevent unlawful harassment in the workplace
* How supervisors, managers, and even colleagues should respond to seeing/hearing about/receiving a complaint of harassment
* What every company’s anti-harassment policy should be.

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