January 22, 2019 January 22, 2019

Soil Restoration: The Foundation for Human and Planetary Health

Women in Regenerative Agriculture Field Day at Paicines Ranch

Out-of-control wildfires, prolonged drought, severe water shortages, and intense heat waves across the globe: the worsening effects of climate change are affecting human and environmental health and accelerate our need to act now. It would be easy to become disheartened and to point fingers at agriculture as one of the major contributors to global warming — was it not for a growing cadre of innovative farmers and ranchers that are restoring working lands to drawdown atmospheric carbon, efficiently recycle nitrogen, and increase water storing capacity.

Many in this forward-thinking group are women, who care deeply about our soil and excel at nurturing it. In what is promising to be yet another compelling prelude to the EcoFarm Conference, we’re teaming up with Paicines Ranch to introduce you to some of the remarkable female farmers, ranchers, scientists, physicians and advocates at the core of the regenerative movement.

Ironically, while there is too much carbon in the atmosphere, agricultural soils the world over are carbon deficient and nutrient depleted, resulting in increased health issues and food insecurity! Not only is restoring our soils to sequester atmospheric carbon the single most viable pathway to reversing global warming, but increased fungal and microbial biodiversity in the soil also translates into myriad co-benefits for human health.

Walking the fields of magnificent Paicines Ranch, attendees will get to witness several innovative applications of regenerative practices, from integrating livestock and grains into perennial cropping systems, to holistic grazing. A scrumptious lunch will be served by local chefs, and after a tour of Paicines Ranch’s polyculture vineyard, we’ll end with a complimentary wine tasting in the event barn!

* All are welcome — if you identify as female, a farmer/rancher or otherwise! Whether you participated in the inaugural 2018 Regenerative Agriculture Field Day or are new to the movement, we invite you to come share your questions, successes or failures, and find community.

Sponsored by EcoFarm and Paicines Ranch

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