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Les Schwab Tire Center Cleared to Begin Construction Near Walgreens

10,400-square-foot tire center expected to begin construction between now and next spring

The 450-store Les Schwab Tire Center chain, headquartered in Bend, Ore., is cleared to begin construction in Hollister on a plot of land next to the Walgreens next to the Highway 25 Bypass, according to William Avera, city manager, who announced at a recent city council meeting that the last hurdles to the project had been cleared. City officials say work could begin any time between now and next spring.

“The (hurdles) weren’t so much anything the city was involved with, but it was more the transaction between the developer and Les Schwab,” Avera said. “I don’t know what they were, but I signed escrow documents last week. I didn’t get confirmation that it closed Friday (Sept. 11), but I believe it was supposed to close then.”

Avera said the developer is Hawkins Development Group out of Boise, Idaho.

“They got planning commission approval around April,” he said. “I would suspect that construction would begin as soon as possible. I think a lot of the plans are ready to go. It’s probably just a matter of them getting their general contractors up and ready to go.”

Avera said the land that the store will be located on was co-owned by the city and the Gibson family trust.

“The city owned a tiny piece and that’s what we just sold,” Avera said. “The construction will begin pretty soon, probably within the next six or seven months. The store will be adjacent to Walgreens, facing the CA-25 Bypass. In fact, the parking lots will connect.”

Jill Morales, assistant planner in the city planning department, said, “The permit has been ready for a while. The developer just hasn’t picked it up. The building will be approximately 10,400 square feet devoted to tire sales and installation.”

Avera said the Gibson family and Hawkins have been working on several projects.

“We deal the most with Mark Gibson,” he said. “They’ve been here forever and owned a lot of orchards. Gibson Station condominiums (south of Rancho San Justo School) is part of their property, too.”

For those who question why another tire store in Hollister, Avera said, “Les Schwab is pretty much in growth mode and they’re a decent company. They’re similar to San Benito Tire, but I don’t think they intend taking business away from San Benito Tire. I think what they’re trying to do is capture that market that goes to Costco.”

Bob Cain, owner of San Benito Tire, expects some competition.

“I’m sure they’re going to take a piece of the pie,” he said. “Any time somebody opens up another store you’re going to lose something. Hopefully, when people go that way they end up coming back. That’s just the way it is. They’re (Les Schwab) huge and have their own way of doing things. Whether their prices are any better, I don’t really think so. They’ll keep everybody honest, that’s for sure. Our prices will be very competitive, but we’re locally owned, we’ve been here for 27 years, our service is good and we’ll continue doing what we do best.”

As for Avera, he said he intends to stick with the local company as he gave them an unofficial endorsement.

“I buy all my tires from San Benito Tire,” he said. "They’ve been really good to me and I don’t plan on changing.”

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Bob Cain has it exactly right, things change.  If you remember San Benito Tire used to sell gasoline, but as more outlets became available, it probably made no sense for them to continue to sell gas, so they left that business.

As long as the competition is honest and fair I believe there will be enough business available and the idea that we can offer good value and personal, professional service locally will build shopper's trust across many commercial sectors.  Today's consumers demand choices.

I occasionally do business with San Benito Tire and they have always served me well, I hope the new organization will serve the community well too.

Marty Richman


It would be really good if all the commuters dealt locally for their tires.  That's a lot of tires and tax dollars for our community.

Submitted by (Aliasetc) on

Les Schwab Tires are on par with Discount Tires and are a exceptional company to do business with. The advantages are when you are on the road a tire problems happen, what good is a Hollister company. Les and Discoint are national.

Submitted by (K. Williams) on

I will continue to support local businesses that are locally owned and not part of national chains. San Benito Tire has been consistent with their excellent customer service and ethics and are a superior choice, as is the Hispanic tire shop on 4th street.

This is a prime example of the kind of 'growth' that pulls a city down. When everything's homogenized to be the same as every other strip-mall, box-store town, locally owned businesses are gone and quality & customer service is a thing of the past. Hollister doesn't even have a book store - but we need a third tire store? National chain interests are for the national corporations that run them - not the local community.

A major problem for local business growth in this county is rent gouging from out-of-county real estate owners. The awesome local toy store, Zoobee, had rent that was higher than retail space rent in Monterey. They had to go out of business, not because locals didn't support them but because they weren't part of a national chain that could subsidize the rent for them. Ella's Restaurant had the same problem, (same building). Why isn't our Chamber of Commerce and local government working on this issue?

I will continue to support Rossi Brothers Tire with all of my tire needs and auto maintenance work. They have done an awesome job for me over the last five years. Same for my wife and several friends we have encouraged to patronize Rossi Brothers Tire.

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