Fairview Child Development Center

Hi Jim,

Thank you for your call last week to follow up on my email about our Fairview CDC site. I tried to send some documents that you mentioned via email but it did not go through. Is there another email address to send the documents to? The first three documents are the leases we received from the county which resulted in a month to month lease that we have now until June 2015 (they mis-typed it to say June 2014)

The last document is copy of our (2) awarded renovation and repair grants. One ends June 2015 and is for $35,835 for our Fairview site and the other ends June 2016 for $68,600. Without a lease for a minimum of three years, I can’t spend them and will have to return the money to the State.

If you need anything more, please feel free to contact me…my cell number is 408-840-9081. Thanks again!