Future of Hollister

My name is Michael and I have been in Hollister since 1983. The newspaper in Hollister is still heavily read in this age of social media. This is why I’m contacting you. I feel strongly about keeping Hollister money in Hollister. If the City of Hollister were to welcome in investors for, say… a Dave and Busters Restaurant and family fun center? A minor league baseball team? and a more reasonable option, a bowling alley? That would be a good start. If I had the money I would do it. A very large amount of Hollister people spend their money outside of Hollister, especially on the weekends. Keep the people here, keeps the tax dollars here in San Benito County. This town is growing, and I know why business owners don’t invest in towns until there is enough “foot traffic” or populous. Maybe we are a couple years off…

Hollister has an identity crisis. It’s not quite a city and not quite a town anymore. Growing up here, Hollister had an identity, people were happy, respectful, way more social, and known for a hard work ethic; even as 13-year-old kids we were legally working out in the apricot grooves in the summers.

Did the Hollister City Council get the memo that marijuana is now legal in California? The least you can do is support the voters. I have an idea for Hollister. Instead of Earthquake Capital of the World, which I’m sure you would agree doesn’t make Hollister much money. I was thinking Medicinal Cannabis Capitol of California. Sounds extreme, but could you imagine the amount of tourists, celebrities, entertainers and pro-athletes that would come through here. With a new super highway coming! Hollister could have mass transit with the tax money from this Cannabis revolution. Better hospitals, better roads, and better schools might be in the equation with double digit numbers of cannabis dispensaries.