Letter to County Library

          I would like to thank Nora Conte, head librarian, and all of the staff of the San Benito County Free Library, for a wonderfully organized Volunteer Appreciation Celebration, held last Monday evening [April 13, 2015].  As a library volunteer, my duties do not always bring me in contact with others who volunteer there.  This once-a-year celebration of the many services which San Benito County residents are provided through the library is not only a thoughtful way to thank us, but it brings together a diverse group for an evening of camaraderie and feasting.  It is a chance to make new acquaintances and renew old ones, to share ideas and successes, and to relax in the very positive atmosphere found at our library.

          I have always found the staff to be friendly, helpful, and welcoming, as they are with all customers.  The library provides services to people with a wide range of backgrounds and ages, and it is a link to the larger world outside San Benito County.  Also, the services are constantly upgraded, with more technology and "links" available both at the physical library and through the website.  So as a volunteer, I find myself both in positions of teacher and student.  An advocate of lifelong learning and literacy, I heartily applaud the staff, volunteers, and the library "family".  If you haven't been there lately, drop by and see what is happening…it's great!

Sabra Everett


Library Events, Programs and Services, including passports submitted by Betty J. Mason, Community Services Librarian for the County for over 9 years. And a happy resident of our wonderful county for over 18 years. Thank you.