My Story…..

My name is Adrian Yanez, all I ever wanted out of life was to find my purpose, to find a reason worth living for, and through everything that I have been through and all that I have seen during my years of training in Mixed Martial Arts and serving in the military the only thing that makes me happy and gives me a sense of peace and is part of how i recovered from PTSD, anxiety disorder and major depression and two attempts of suicide is help others. And not just anyone but those who suffer when no one is looking and facing battles that no one sees. Those who hide the pain and put on a smile just so they won't be made fund of or thought of as weird or like an outcast. Now there are so many people that can relate to this but one group in particular is the youth! Our youth! I want to help todays youth so they don't have to go through what I went through. I have been volunteering with youth for almost 9 years now and never asked for help i always worked part time jobs to help fund free Mixed Martial Arts and fitness programs that are Christ centered and after years of struggling and being too young to know how to work ways to build and expand on my programs I started to struggle with life and faith in God I did not have many options and joined the military and it was both a blessing and a curse as I developed Mental Health issues that caused me to almost die but I also was able to overcome those issues without medication, drugs or alcohol through God and fitness, i decided to leave and find my purpose at this time and bought a ticket to Thailand without knowing anyone or anything about Thailand i just showed up and found the nearest non profit in the slums of Bangkok and started volunteering and realized how bad things really were here and literally came out of retirement and competed in some local Muay Thai fights to raise money to help sponsor some children out of the slums. After this i decided to try something like that back here in America and moved back to Hollister and found that this town is a lot harder to build on any program especially helping people if you didn't grow uo here. i run a free fitness program for youth and youth adults to keep them off the streets and to help the youth and children dealing with mental health issues but the hard part is being able fund my program and after several attempts on applying for grants and starting a go fund me i decided to get my pro lic in california to fight again to raise money that way bu that is hard as fights are about once or twice a year and now i work a full time job working with youth dealing severe mental health issues and still trying to fun the youth program full time and train for my fight i have teamed up with Bull Dog boxing but still no funding is hard.  So i guess this is the short version of my story and im not sure what im expecting from this but eventually hope to open up a full youth center and be start my own non profit and keep traveling and helping those less fortunate all across the world.  

Adrian Yanez