Neil Kitchen’s remarks at the candidate forum

I am still in shock after reading the comment by Neil Kitchens at the candidate forum held last week, He said that "the state of california releases rapists and arrests people who give you a plastic straw". These are dog whistle messages in my opinion, that remind us of Trump's remarks about refugees coming from the south who are mainly rapists, murderers and drug dealers. The plastic straw remark was a dig at the brave scientists and ordinary citizens who are doing their best to educate us about the present dangers of plastic in the ocean(a gyre the size of Texas) and the air (where recent studies show 90% of the world population are affected by air pollution) and a study citing the presence of billions of minute plastic particles in the air that are poisoning us now. He is obviously in agreement with Trump that our global climate crises is a hoax Even more dismaying to me was the response of the public listening to the forum. The newspaper reported that Neil Kitchens' remarks were met with boisterous laughter and approval from many of our residents at the forum. When the biggest challenges to human life on earth are made the butt of sarcastic, "jokes" and met with public approval, we are finished folks and maybe deserve what's coming!

natasha wist