No AirBnB or VRBO Option San Juan, Hollister or SBC!

Ok, for years now we have had a VRBO and AirBnB vacation rental, in our new home we are building to add that feature and now as we move out of San Benito County and I need to return for a few final arrangements I can’t find a decent AirBnB or VRBO place to stay. We talk about San Juan being a tourist destination but this is proof positive that is true only for taxpayer subsidized fourth-graders who stay for three hours.

We have a wonderful, historical ghost town I heard a local say at the council meeting. Time for City Council to pass an AirBnB and VRBO Incentive Ordinance – subsidize homeowners who will cater to tourists. We know there are a few nice homes around here – right? Plenty of room to show a weary traveler a good time?

Roger? Council? Can you get on this right away! TOT taxes are waiting to be collected.