One Man’s VISION

One Man’s Vision …

There's an old saying that if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. It's this same sentiment of the importance of having direction, of defining your purpose, that permeates the very being of JL White International's CEO, Jim White, PhD. "Living a life without purpose is living an unrealized life. In short, you are the walking dead," says Dr. White, who is based in Carmel, California. This credo is underscored by his work in helping others to discover their own passion through the various programs he leads including an online teleseminar program, "What's My Purpose? Life Mastery Course", based on his highly successful book, his engaging "12 O’Clock High Leadership Summit", and the year-long Circle of Success® Business Mastery course.

Late last year, Dr. White opened the JLW Regional Training Center in Hollister, in order to bring his unique approach to business within reach of the Central Coast.  By doing so, he intends to expand opportunities for the community to identify priorities, develop specific strategies, and create a road map for their future by providing much needed access to management and leadership programs, branding and public relations strategy consultation, and best business practice advisory groups. The Training Center will provide a venue for learning, sharing, connecting and consensus-building; but more importantly, a place where individuals and their ideas can become catalysts for change.

A broadminded visionary and "out of the box thinker", White feels strongly that leadership development is one of the best tools available for building and strengthening community connections on the Central Coast. A partnership with CSUMB Small Business Development Center last year whetted White's appetite for further work in San Benito County and the surrounding region. After providing individual counseling and group workshops to start-ups and business owners, with help from a grant from the Community Foundation for San Benito County, White expanded his clientele to include Hollister based companies and graduates of his "12 O’Clock High Leadership Summit", Jim and Mari Rossi of B & R Farms, Tim Borland of Bar SZ Ranch, and Christine O. Breen of the Breen Law Firm. “Jim’s program is intense, challenging, and ultimately transformational. The results are in the bottom line. Our revenues have already increased by 30 percent. This was the missing piece to our long-term success,” Christine O. Breen said of her experience.

Another graduate of White's leadership program, Tamra Koll of Creative Design and Consulting, a full service management consulting firm, recently became an affiliate of JL White International, shared her enthusiasm about this collaboration in a letter to Dr. White. “We appreciate you and everything that we have learned from you and look forward to learning more and sharing a bigger success story,” wrote Koll. "I truly appreciate your knowledge and concern for each of us individually, as well as the whole group. Your graciousness and honesty are sincere, and I feel like you have opened your heart and welcomed all of us into your personal circle of friends. I look forward to reporting and sharing our successes with you and continue to build this relationship for many years to come."

With a firm belief in developing strong and diverse community leadership, White sees opportunity where others do not, and has a very holistic perspective on economic development. His inclusive and collaborative approaches to business retention and expansion, small business and entrepreneurial development, and the creation of tourism attractions in the Central Coast are grounded in identifying local assets, mobilizing knowledge and talents throughout the community, and maximizing economic resources. He sees a need to create a critical mass in the region – to work together and join forces so that the Central Coast can seize opportunities, spur economic growth, and create jobs. He sees a world of possibilities in recreation and ecotourism opportunities around natural assets like the new Pinnacles National Park, development of agritourism and wine-related tourism, and in attracting businesses to underutilized areas of San Benito County such as near Hollister Municipal Airport and in the city of San Juan Bautista. Bringing his own thoughtful brand of leadership to the table, White believes his training facility and series of programs will help communities invent new strategies while building on the region's economic strengths. With the area's easy access to higher level policy makers and state regulatory authorities, White also sees promise in cultivating regional growth in the field of agriculture research and technology, which in turn, will help strengthen the agriculture community as a whole.

When discussing his vision for San Benito County, White is quick to say that his ideas are focused on providing a better quality of life through smart growth that doesn't destroy the region's authenticity, natural beauty, or diminish the historic charm of towns like San Juan Bautista. He talks of finding alternative solutions to the myriad of problems facing the world today – environmental issues, energy use, education, workforce development, healthcare, affordable housing, infrastructure, and crime. White wants to attract the best and the brightest by offering a venue for people to explore collaborative opportunities and teaching them how to adapt new ideas and new practices. He says that in order for things to shift, we must be both aware and involved. With over 50% of Hollister residents commuting to out-of-town employment each day, one of the biggest challenges White sees is changing the perception of the area so that it can attract everything from emerging industries and biotech labs to corporate expansions and start-ups.

While the Central Coast has a wealth of assets to attract growth, White is banking on one asset in particular to help bring his vision for the area to fruition. With their deep sense shared heritage, culture, and history, it is not money, but people who are essential to successful economic, social, civic, and environmental development. White says the JLW Training Center will be an anchor to economic initiatives throughout the area, and a place to harvest local opportunities. It will support the broad range of needs of local entrepreneurs, small businesses, and residents alike by enabling them to more effectively address the community’s core challenges. The center will provide new perspective to local challenges and spread the idea that the Central Coast can and will capture the interest of Silicon Valley  By redefining and broadening what economic development means to communities like Tres Pinos, Aromas,  San Juan Bautista and Hollister. With a focus on supporting the livelihood of local communities, White intends to build partnerships, energy, and momentum by offering people the expertise and resources they need to launch major economic growth and development.

Dr. White's belief that small towns can have big ideas is evident in his broad-based and multifaceted approaches to everything from leadership development to philanthropy. For him, it is about inspiring excellence in people, getting them to look inward to find new solutions to old problems, and most importantly, giving them the tools they need to overcome barriers to growth and achieve long-term success. As an authority on helping people to realize their full potential, Dr. White is confident in his methods and excited to get the ball rolling. Firmly committed to making a difference, he welcomes the entire community to join him in making this vision for the Central Coast a reality.

About Jim White, PhD

Jim White PhD is the founder and CEO of JL White International, Inc., a full service management consulting and leadership development organization. Jim first found his entrepreneurial spirit at age five when he created his first business collecting and selling Coke bottles to help support his family. From these humble beginnings, Jim went on to serve his country in Vietnam before entering the corporate world upon his return. Throughout his career, he has bought, expanded, and sold 22 companies, operating in 43 countries, generating more than $1.8 billion in revenue. For over 35 years, he has worked with organizations and individuals worldwide to help define and implement excellence. To learn more about JL White International and the JLW Training Center services, including the new accelerated "Circle of Success" program for small business owners, visit


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Jim White PhD is the founder and CEO of JL White International, Inc., a full service management consulting and leadership development organization dedicated to “Inspiring Excellence in People”. For over 35 years, he has worked with organizations and individuals worldwide to help define and implement excellence. To learn more visit