Pet Friends

I'd never heard of SNIP Bus but it seems like a good outfit, and the Police animal control proposal seems like a great idea. But until there is a full time effort to control the veritable explosion of feral cats my wife and our friends and neighbors and I have experienced these things are at best stop-gap measures.

In the meantime though, we have an excellent organization here in Hollister on Buena Vista Road just off the bypass that is briefly mentioned in the article, Pet Friends:

These folks are kind, efficient, overworked and under-funded. What a surprise, right?  Check them out and see if you can help with your time, money or donations of "stuff" they use like Dawn soap, old towels, Costco cat and dog food paper towels and other paper goods, and a whole list of other things. Feral cats don't need to be in your house to be helped. They need spay or neuter, basic vaccinations and flea treatment and can then be released with one ear trimmed so we all know they've had some attention. If you like the result, well, they can be tamed though it is not easy. My wife, Claire Butler, has gotten so good at catching them I tell her she must be part cat. It's fun and makes you feel like you're doing something to help one of Ma Nature's most beautiful and interesting creatures. We have several that hang around and get fed outdoors on a regular schedule so that we are not feeding skunks and kit foxes too. Yes, we're nuts about cats.


Terry Butler

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