Saturday Library Forum: Thank You Councilman Gómez

Dear Councilman Gómez
On behalf of the Library Action Committee, please accept our thanks for serving on the panel for the third Library Forum, Saturday, January 25, 2014. It was encouraging to hear you tell the participants that the City needs to play a more active role; its $15,000 per year contribution has not changed since the 1960s. It was equally encouraging to hear your recommendation that the topic be brought to the Intergovernmental Committee of mostly elected representatives from the cities and the county.

Thank you also for reminding the group that scarce dollars can result in creative solutions. Even Libraries in the City of San José, while seeming wealthy, hustle grant money, private donations, and partnerships. As you mentioned, the joint City and San José State University library is a best example.

Much appreciated was your emphasis on the role of the Library as the hub of the community. You told participants that commuters too have an obligation to support the Library, for many leave spouses and children in San Benito County every workday. Some come only for affordable housing but have never connected to the community otherwise. Rightly, you say commuters have not always felt welcome, but by engaging them with the Library, there is a chance to foster community commitment.

Please let the Committee know how we can assist you in bringing the topic of partnerships to fellow members of the Council and the Intergovernmental Committee. We know that you do not sit on the Intergovernmental Committee currently but trust you will do your best to advance the notion with fellow Council members and County colleagues.
Lois Locci

Library Action Committee

Community members of the Library Action Committee seek to enhance library services in San Benito County, exploring and pursuing opportunities that will bring our libraries closer to the level provided in the surrounding cities of Salinas, Gilroy, and Castroville. Have questions? Want to help? Reach us at [email protected]