Thomas Schatz Article

Just yesterday I watched a documentary on the playwright Arthur Miller. The same Arthur Miller that was accused by the House Unamerican Activities Committee of being a communist. He wrote a play called “The Crucible” about the Salem witch trials that showed the harmful effects of infective and accusations destroying women without cause, just like the HUAC did to many back in the fifties.

This Benito Link article reminded me of that documentary and what happened in Salem those many years ago.  You attacked a family man and father on basically the word of a parent who disliked him.  There were never any charges brought against Mr. Schatz and the district did not do anything about it until eight years later when Mr. Schatz became the lead negotiator for the teachers’ union.  Then they basically paid him to resign.  Why?  If he did something  that would cause him to be fired, why not fire him.  They obviously knew they did not have a case against him.

I am extremely disappointed in Benito Link for this article and will not in any way donate money in the future to support this type of character assassination.