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Passed Away On: 2016-12-08 00:00:00

On December 8th, our Dad, Anthony J. Escover passed away exactly how he wanted, peacefully and surrounded by his family. He led an Exemplary Life and achieved Legendary status to everyone who loved and admired him. A California native, Anthony was raised to be both highly educated and a Farmer. Graduating from Bellarmine College Prep and then receiving a Mechanical Engineering degree from SCU, he would set out to combine both disciplines while raising a family. Anthony worked for FMC for 25+ years working on such notable projects as the Bradley Tank and traveling the world representing the improved processes for Coal Mining Equipment.

Anthony was a true family man and very proud of his 6 children – Cathy (Warshawsky), David (deceased), Lorraine (Otis), Janette (Johnson), Joan and Yvonne (O’Connor), instilling in us all the value of hard work and the pride that comes from doing a job well. He was an entrepreneur too, starting a Hydroponic Greenhouse and selling tomatoes under the TP label, all while continuing to farm Walnuts and other crops on the ranch. Dad loved parties and get togethers, always loving to bring family and friends together for whatever the occasion. 

Dad was a jack of all trades, building our family home, and later his residence in Hollister. Dad was innovative, attempting to plant macadamia nuts in northern California and later changing it out to Vineyards (Idyll Time) where he grew Zinfandel, Syrah and Pinot Noir wine grapes, selling them to wineries like Pessagno, Calera and Leal who made them into exceptional wines…

Dad was adventurous, instilling the love of boating, camping, hunting and fishing to his children and grand children. A stickler for rules and processes, he would make his grandchildren (16) take gun safety courses before he would allow them to partake in these recreational activities on the ranch. He was quite a sharpshooter himself, proud of his military background often joking how his base was never attacked while he was on watch!

Dad was sharp as a whip until the very end, being able to spout out mathematical formulas, Dad “truisms” or just being able to find the answers whether it be looking up in his own Almanac or eventually learning how to use Google to find the answers.

Dad gave us everything we needed and he will surely continue to watch over us all in Heaven. Please come celebrate with us, this exemplary man.

Services to take place at St. Benedicts in Hollister on Wednesday, December 28th at 11:00 a.m. with a reception immediately following at Leal Vineyards.