June 12, 1931 – June 21, 2023

Marie Helen Cosgrove was born on June 12, 1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to her parents, Peter and Marie (Beckman) Cosgrove. 

She lived to see her 92nd birthday and passed away peacefully on June 21, 2023 in Villa Siena located in Mountain View, California.  

Our beloved and devout Aunt never married and dedicated her life to serving God.

Aunt Marie loved working with children and in education.  She attended several institutions in pursuit of her career: Villanova University and Rosemont College (Pennsylvania), Utah State University and San Jose State College (California).

         As soon as her younger sister, Helen relocated to California, Aunt Marie soon followed. She was like a second Mom to my brother, Charlie and I. She lived with us a few years, helping to care for and raise us as young children. She then found employment as a teacher at San Juan Elementary School in San Juan Bautista (SJB), California. There, she lived for over 30 years and taught for over 2 decades. Everyone knew our aunt, as she opened the Mission doors and attended Mass daily. She was affiliated with various causes (e.g.; church, education, religious organizations) that supported her faith and belief to help or serve others.

          Aunt Marie was a woman of simple means. She didn’t want or need much, making it hard for anyone to buy her gifts during Christmas or for her birthday.  She was an avid reader of the bible or other reading materials (e.g.; books by C.S. Lewis, Agatha Christie, Readers’ Digest, etc.).

She loved the cats she inherited from our family: M-7, PLK (Pretty Little Kitty), and Scrappers. I remember her having a classroom pet rat named Flunky! What a moral boost that must have been for her students.  

Aunt Marie loved living in a small town with its rich history and the kindness of the people there.

         We have heard stories of how Aunt Marie was very strict as a teacher.  We understand that, as we lived with her.  There are many stories to share about our life with her, but this one stands out.  Once, when the priest was giving a sermon at the Mission, it was hard to discern what he was saying over the loud speakers because he had a thick accent from speaking over 5 languages.  Well, apparently, as her niece, I had not been paying attention as to what to expect.  As I walked ahead of my aunt towards the altar, I was presented with a roll by the priest. I took a bite out of it. He and my aunt were mortified. My blood sugar must have been low.  These are some of the stories that she experienced as our aunt. 

         Marie Cosgrove is preceded in death by her parents, Peter and Marie (Beckman) Cosgrove, her sister, Helen Elizabeth (Cosgrove) Idler, and her son-in-law, Charles Pollock Idler, Jr.

         She is survived by her nephew, Charles (“Charlie”) Peter Idler, from Santa Cruz, Ca., her niece, Janice Marie Idler, from Cupertino, Ca., her great nephew and Godson, Joshua Charles Idler and her niece-in-law, Carmela Padilla Idler, and great, great niece, Mariela Rose Padilla Idler, from Rancho Cordova, Ca.

         Her Memorial Service will be held on August 11, 2023, from 1:00-2:00p.m. at the Mission in SJB.  May she rest in peace in God’s eternal kingdom. We love and miss you. Until we meet again.