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Election Day 2018: Initial Results

New vote tally and inclusion of total unprocessed ballots. More updates not expected until Nov. 13 or Nov. 14.
Totes in which ballots from different districts were brought to the County Elections Office. Photo by Noe Magaña.
Volunteers counting ballots while observers await for result updates. Photo by Noe Magaña.
Hollister School District Trustee Robert Bernosky (middle) and Supervisor candidate Jim Gillio looking for election updates on their phones at the County Elections Office. Photo by Noe Magaña.
Supervisor candidate Jim Gillio with his wife and daughter at the County Elections Office. Photo by Noe Magaña.
30th State Assembly candidate Robert Rivas thanks his supporters and his team on election night. Photo by Carmel de Bertaut.
Robert Rivas and his mother Mayra Flores. Photo by Carmel de Bertaut.

Results updated 11/7/18 at 8:44 a.m.

The following local results of the November 6, 2018 election are from the San Benito County Registrar of Voters and can be seen here: The elections office will be providing their next update Tuesday Nov. 13 or Wednesday Nov. 14. 

Please note that Measure X is voted on by San Benito County and Santa Clara County residents and the tally will include both. You can see more from the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters here:

Results at the state level are from the California Secretary of State’s office and can be seen here: Please note that our early results do not include all state races and will be included in future updates.



Precincts Reported: 51 of 51 (100 percent)

Ballots Cast: 11,449 of 30,162 (37.96 percent)

Total Unprocessed Ballots: 9,425

  • Vote-by-Mail/Early Voted Ballots: 9,000
  • Provisional Ballots: 200
  • Conditional Voter Registration Ballots: 175
  • Damaged/Unreadable Ballots: 50


Hollister Mayor

Ignacio Velazquez: 2,912 (51.61 percent)

Gordon A. Machado: 1,833 votes (32.49 percent)

Keith D Snow: 897 votes (15.90 percent)

Hollister City Council District 2

Rolan Resendiz: 690 votes (65.59 percent)

Mickie Solorio Luna: 362 votes (34.41 percent)

Hollister City Council District 3

Honor Spencer: 702 votes (45.29 percent)

Elia Salinas: 512 votes (33.03 percent)

Raul Escareno: 336 votes (21.68 percent)

Hollister City Council District 4

Marty Richman: 978 votes (60.86 percent)

Salvador Mora: 629 votes (39.14 percent)

Hollister City Treasurer

Anietra Gomez: 4,512 votes (100 percent)

San Juan Bautista City Council (Three Seats)

Cesar E. Flores: 248 votes (27.04 percent)

Leslie Q Jordan: 225 votes (24.54 percent)

Mary Vazquez Edge: 197 votes (21.48 percent)

Harold Furtado Gomes: 169 votes (18.43  percent)

Write-in: 78 votes (8.51 percent)

  • Jacqueline T. Morris-Lopez: 73 votes (7.96 percent)
  • Maggie Bilich: 5 votes (0.55 percent)

San Juan Bautista City Clerk

Laura Cent: 307 votes (100 percent)

San Benito County Supervisor District 3

Peter D. Hernandez, Jr: 887 votes (51.51 percent)

Patricia Loe: 835 votes (48.49 percent)

San Benito County Supervisor District 4

Jim Gillio: 2,104 votes (74.14 percent)

Jerry Muenzer: 734 votes (25.86 percent)

Superior Court Judge No. 2

Jose "Omar" Rodriguez: 5,654 votes (55.16 percent)

Gregory Michael LaForge: 4,596 votes (44.84 percents)

San Benito Health Care District Zone 2

Josie F. Sanchez: 825 votes (39.89 percent)

Frank Barragan: 662 votes (32.01 percent)

Ross Blasingame: 581 votes (28.09 percent)

San Benito Health Care District Zone 4

Mary Casillas: 1,642 votes (60.21 percent)

Jason Noble: 749 votes (27.47 percent)

Don Winn: 243 votes (8.91 percent)

Ann Christin Ross: 93 votes (3.41 percent)

San Benito County Water District Division 4

Doug Williams: 1,806 votes (67.34 percent)

Robert Gilchrist Huenemann: 876 votes (32.66 percent)

Gavilan Joint Community College District Trustee Area 5

Jeanie Wallace: 2,218 votes (60.80 percent)

Richard A. Perez Sr: 1,430 votes (39.20 percent)

Gavilan Joint Community College District Trustee Area 7

Irma C Gonzalez: 1,973 votes (42.08 percent)

Michael Alcorn: 1,915 votes (40.84 percent)

Jason Hopkins (withdrawn from race but still on ballot): 801 votes (17.08 percent)

Hollister School District (Three Seats)

Carla Torres-DeLuna: 3,351 votes (21.89 percent)

Stephen Kain: 3,097 votes (20.23 percent)

Jan Grist: 2,882 votes (18.83 percent)

Patricia (Pat) Moore: 2,754 votes (17.99 percent)

Roxanne Stephens: 1,672 votes (10.92 percent)

Brande Barrett: 1,551 votes (10.13 percent)

North County Joint School District (Two Seats)

Cindy King: 454 votes (42.59 percent)

Ted Brian Zanella: 405 votes (37.99 percent)

Eduardo Navarro: 207 votes (19.42 percent)

Measure G - San Benito County Roads, Transportation Safety and Investment Plan Transactions and Use Tax

(2/3 majority needed to pass)

Yes: 7,548 votes (67.88 percent)

No: 3,571 (32.12 percent)

Measure H - San Benito County Business License Tax

(50 percent +1 needed to pass)

Yes: 5,583 votes (51.39 percent)

No: 5,280 votes (48.61 percent)

Measure I - San Juan Bautista Cannabis Ordinance

(50 percent +1 needed to pass)

Yes: 274 votes (65.87 percent)

No: 142 votes (34.13 percent)

Measure Q - South Monterey County Joint Union High School District Student Safety/Repair Measure

(55 percent needed to pass)

No: 32 votes (76.19 percent)

Yes: 10 votes (23.81 percent)

Measure R - South Monterey County Joint Union High School District Academic/Vocational Classroom Improvement Measure

(55 percent needed to pass)

No: 31 votes (73.81 percent)

Yes: 11 votes (26.19 percent)

Measure X - Gavilan College Affordable Education/Job Training/College Transfer/Veterans Support Measure

(55 percent needed to pass) 

San Benito County

  • Yes: 5,390 votes (51.30 percent)
  • No: 5,117 votes (48.70 percent)

Santa Clara County

  • Yes: 13,714 votes (59.87 percent)
  • No: 9,193 votes (40.13 percent)



US Congress District 20

Jimmy Panetta: 70,836 votes (77.8 percent)

Ronald Paul Kabat: 20,206 votes (22.2 percent)

State Senator District 12

Anna Caballero: 47,759 votes (49.3 percent)

Rob Poythress: 49,071 votes (50.7 percent)

Member of State Assembly District 30

Robert Rivas: 32,942 votes (63 percent)

Neil G. Kitchens: 19,388 votes (37 percent)



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"It ain't over, til it's over", but it's never too early to thank all the voters and especially those who saw fit to support me.


Marty Richman

Step 1... elect Marty Richman.

Congratulations, Marty.


-William McCarey

Congratulations Marty. I look forward to working with you and all your facts. I appreciate your brutal honesty when you apply it. My mom was like that. You have integrity like mom as well. I look forward to that as well. Again, congratulations. 

Submitted by (Luis Burguillo) on

Congratulations from all of us! 

We are certain your dog-get-ness in transparency and honesty will do us well.

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