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Police make arrest in death of Lisa Hall

33-year-old Michael Simas claims the fatal shooting of Hall was accidental, according to police

On Wednesday, Aug. 9, Hollister Police detectives arrested 33-year-old Michael Simas for his alleged involvement in the killing of Lisa Hall, age 40.

Simas agreed to meet with police detectives and answer questions as to how Hall was shot and killed on Aug. 8. He arrived at the police department along with his attorney, provided a statement and advised the shooting was accidental and had occurred in his trailer in the unincorporated area of the county on Orchard Road, according to police. Simas also advised detectives where he had disposed of the firearm used in the shooting, according to a press release. 

Detectives recovered the handgun allegedly used in this shooting along Fairview Road. Police personnel have also seized the trailer that had been moved to Hanford, Calif. by Simas.

A search warrant was executed in Hanford on Aug. 8 by Hollister Police, UNET agents and with the assistance of Hanford Police Department. Items seiezed during that search warrant resulted in further evidence pointing toward Simas’ involvement, police say.

Simas was booked at the San Benito County Jail for 187 P.C. Murder and 135 P.C. destruction of evidence. 

Anyone having information on this case is asked to call Detective Martinez at the Hollister Police Department at 636-4330. Persons wishing to remain anonymous can call the WeTip Hotline at 800-87-CRIME. Information provided to WeTip may qualify for a reward.

"The Hollister Police Department would like to express our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the Lisa Hall," the press release said.

The department thanked the San Benito County Sheriff’s Office the United Narcotics Enforcment Team (UNET), Hanford Police Department, the San Benito County District Attorneys Office, and the California Department of Justice for their assistance in the investigation.  


Submitted by Steph Smith (stephsmith) on

What this article fails to mention is that the shooting took place at a pot farm on Orchard Rd and that the property is owned by an elected County School Board official. 

Submitted by (Bodey) on

What does the pot farm have to do with her killing? Nothing.

Submitted by (Gail dominguez) on

Pot farm or no pot farm she still didn't deserve to die

The Filice Family Trust owns 138.880 acres of land in San Benito County, including property on Orchard Rd. according to one online data source. One should be careful about potential libel and slander of others who, by name, are associated with property which in this case was the location of an alleged homicide. 

It is also rumored that an elected county supervisor leased property in western San Benito County to an illegal cannabis cultivation operation. So what?

If an elected San Benito County School Board official is associated by name to a trust, but does not actually own the property, and certain public comments are intended to wrongly defame that person, then one could be setting oneself up as a defendant in a civil lawsuit.

We don't know whether or not the cannabis farm cited is 'legal' or 'illegal', but I'm sure law enforcement will be looking into all facts about the property where an alleged felony homicide was committed.


Submitted by (Kevin Jones) on

It is so sad this has happened in our community. We need to keep Lisa's family and friends in our thoughts. May she rest in peace.

I agree that people need to be careful with their commentary and opinions they express on-line or in print. Libelous and slanderous commentary can be very hurtful.

Mr.Jones no one should be murdered or die from an accidental shooting (whichever it turns out to be); I think that is obvious.  Either way it's a terrible tragedy for the family and friends of the victim.  All that being said I believe the public has a right to know any and all circumstances that might have a bearing on the incident so they can judge for themselves what factors may or may be relevant or important.  That information could be important in making future rules and regulations.

Nothing we can do will bring back the victim, but we may be able to prevent future tragedies.

Marty Richman


Submitted by (Kevin Jones) on

Oh my goodness. Sorry I even weighed in. No wonder people are shy about weighing in. I think readers will catch my drift, even if you don't.

Here come the two-bit lawyers. OBTW, "the penalties for unauthorized practice of law in California set out in Business & Professions Code 6126.  A non-lawyer who presents him/herself as an attorney, or practices law, faces California misdemeanor penalties. These may include a fine of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000), up to one (1) year in county jail, or both." So maybe one should not be giving any quasi-legal advice regarding "potential libel and slander."  There is also a California anti-SLAPP law enacted by the state Legislature almost twenty years ago to protect the petition and free speech rights of all Californians; therefore, if this pot farm is a commercial operation that law may apply to protect someone making a public comment about it.  Disclaimer - that is not legal advice and I am not a lawyer, lol.  

Just for the sake of accuracy and to kill the strawman argument, the words "legal: or "illegal" do not appear anywhere but in the usual knee-jerk response.  If someone were shot in a bar, most bars being legal, would that be part of the story?  The answer is most certainly yes.

If pot farms do not spur illegal activity, why all the extra security? Duh.  That would be like claiming bars do not contribute to DUIs.

"It is also rumored that an elected county supervisor leased property in western San Benito County to an illegal cannabis cultivation operation. So what?"

Is that comment on the fact there are rumors or a comment on the possibility that a supervisor is leasing to an illegal cannabis operation?  The former is obvious, the latter would be an important item for voters to know IF it were true.

Marty Richman


As a separate comment I'll contribute this -

If the cannabis operations in the county want to be treated like a real  and responsible businesses, they should start acting that way, not like a bunch of defensive thin-skinned jerks.  If I had a cannabis operation I would be offended that someone was accused of committing a serious crime on my property giving my business and sector a bad name, not that someone else pointed it out.  I would feel the same way if I owned a liquor store or even a gas station.

But I guess that's too old-fashioned for today's world.

Marty Richman

Gail Dominguez - Works at Hollister School District

"Pot farm or no pot farm she still didn't deserve to die"

Ms. Dominguez,  no one said she did, where in the world did you come up with that notion?

Marty Richman

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