Guadalupe “Lupita” Santana

DATE OF DEATH:Tuesday, November 27, 2018AGE:  50

Guadalupe “Lupita” Santana was called upon by our dear Lord on November 27, 2018.
Born in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, on June 7, 1968 to her loving parents Sofia Santana and Alfredo Cuevas Montejano.
She is survived by her husband Enrique “Paco” Gonzalez and son Jose Alfredo “Joey” Sanchez.
Lupe, as we called her, enjoyed life to the fullest We are thankful to have been captivated by her glowing spirit. Lupe loved her family and rejoiced in gathering in love. She was the poised hostess and enjoyed sharing laughs and memories with family and friends. She was relentless in the giving of her time and support to others and was courageous enough to have difficult conversations. She led boldly, passionately and lovingly. Always direct in her communication, she would speak her mind and would be frank with you.
Our family adventures, the trips to Tahoe, where Lupe was the easy target for our jokes and sarcasm are fond memories. We would poke fun of how she would layer up with a hot drink in the snow sledding area, yet still be the coldest person around. The annual Vegas trip with the juxtaposition of foodie dinners, tacos, several strip excursions and downtown experiences.
We are wholeheartedly grateful that she demonstrated that true essence of love was spelled, T-I-M-E. She planted and fostered the seeds of what makes a family strong, bold and united.
Lupe was a proud mother, her affection and care for her son Joey was observed through her sharing of his projects, her words carried so much love that it made you tingle inside.
What was most inspirational was the unconditional love she shared with husband, Paco.
If you ever witnessed them dancing to cumbias you would be mesmerized by chemistry, working the floor like you’ve never seen before. The love between Lupe and Paco manifested beyond adoration. They shared a unique affection.
Lupe, a caring daughter, would was concerned for her parents, their health and happiness was always her priority.
Lupe is survived by her sisters and their respective partners: Elvia Ruiz (Jesus), Irma Sanchez (Armando), Elena Cuevas (Bob Holley), Ana Cuevas (Fernando Ramirez), Elvira Cuevas (Antonio Bencomo), Sylvia Cuevas (Alejandro Nepita), Margarita Cuevas (Fernando Silva), Sofia Cuevas (Jorge Arias). Brothers are Francisco Cuevas, Leonel Cuevas and Alfredo Cuevas Jr.
In addition, she is missed by all her nephews, nieces and their respective gorgeous children. Will be missed by the Sanchez, Santana, Gonzales and Cuevas families from various regions in United States and Mexico.
Her Rosary will be on Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018 at 6:00 PM at Sacred Heart Church.
Her Mass will be on Monday, Dec. 3, 2018 at 2:00 PM at St. Benedict Church.