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COMMUNITY OPINION: 365 times a year we will get up an hour early

Community member states Daylight Saving Time is unhealthy.

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How many times has Mom told us that natural is usually better? Well she was for sure right this time if she said that Daylight Saving Time is bad for your kids and you. Our time system is based on mid-day being at 12 noon and it began thousands of years ago when people could still sense what felt right. It's only been recently that a few speed-balls thought they could get something for nothing by moving the clock ahead. So what if they lose an hour of sleep every day. Who cares if their already sleep-deprived kids have to arise an hour earlier every day, how could that possibly effect their mood and their educability? Besides that, it's not about our kid's future. it's about us grownups having more time, unless we want to retain the same amount of sleep as before, then we must retire an hour earlier every day. So what have we gained? Maybe a little extra sunlight, at the small cost of our kids going to school in the dark and being on the streets with mostly sleep-deprived drivers. Plus the added cost of going through their formative years without the proper amount of sleep to develop properly. Modern lighting has made it possible to do anything at night that one can do in the daytime. But no one has devised a way to fool mother nature that Mid-day, when the sun is at its highest, is anything other than 12 noon. It's not 1 o'clock or 11 o'clock or any other o'clock and when you mess with that, there will be a price to pay, as always, and in this case the price is way too high. You can burp up all the excuses you want to tinker with the clock, but there is no good reason to tell Ms. Nature that she's all wrong about time, after all, she created it, didn't she? DST is a loser and so are those who support it.



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The divisions of time that we use-minutes, hours, seconds- are not natural.  They are arbitrary measuring units created by humans.  They are useful; until the invention of accurate chronometers in the 18th century it was very difficult for navigators at sea to determine longitude.  We didn't need time zones until the advent of railroads traveling fast made them necessary.  Even now, within a time zone noon as you define it doesn't occur at the same time in Needles, California, as it does in Mendocino, which is farther west.  I really don't care that much whether we have daylight savings time or not, but the notion that Standard Time is somehow more natural than Daylight Savings Time is just silly.  (And calling proponents losers adds nothing at all to your argument.  It's just name-calling.)


Submitted by Ken Dunn (kenneth) on

I would agree that it's silly to call folks that want to arise an hour earlier losers. I should just limit that to the ones that I know personally. My 2 problems with that are that it doesn't seem to be healthy for our children, and I do not want my kids on the streets in the dark morning hours. A third problem is that it's a dishonest concept, there is no saving of daylight (talk about your arbitrary terminology). The difference in timing between Needles and Mendocino is less than 1/5 of a time zone and I cannot help that and it's almost negligible but I certainly can see that the Yahoos who want to change time by an entire zone get as much push back as possible, and a full time-zone change is certainly not negligible. It's not necessary, studies show that its dangerous for young and old and everyone else. Standard time was designed to be as near to nature as we mortals can get, and to mess with that has its consequences such as more injured children, more heart attacks, more strokes, accidents, ships land in Iceland instead of Florida, and simply confusion, all of which we don't need. Maybe the worst of it is that they tend to be the type that wants us all to live by their rules without much consideration for the rest of us. If they want to arise early, they can do it themselves, without dragging me and my family along. Kids need as much sleep as they can get at that age, and Daylight Saving Time is no way to do that. Only one S in Saving. There are many of us sensitive enough to know that DST is a very bad and dangerous idea and we don't need to have our clocks monkeyed with by those not sensitive enough to know what they are doing.

Ken is just trying to get everyone to move to Arizona; he'll do anything to reduce the population of San Benito County, lol  Of course, Hawaii is another option, now you're talking.  All expense paid trip to Hawaii to see if the lack of DST makes a difference in our lives - when do we leave?

Seriously, I do believe that the human body clock has some relationship to the sun, but I also believe that individual body clocks are more powerful than the general circumstance.  Some folks do better at night.

Marty Richman


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