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COMMUNITY OPINION: Broad Community Support for Measure G

Community members, civic leaders, businesses as well as local farmers support effort to fix roads, improve safety, and reduce congestion.

This community opinion was contributed by Wayne Norton. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

Our roads rank among the worse in the state, and traffic is getting worse every day. Measure G will implement a detailed community-built roads and transportation safety investment plan to address our most critical transportation needs. This gives us an opportunity to become a self-help county, with a reliable source of local funding only for the detailed plan. Nothing can be taken by the general fund or the state. Measure G is ONLY for our local community, ONLY for our transportation needs.

Local Republicans and Democrats, Business, Farms, and Civic Leaders Agree - Vote Yes on G to fix our roads, increase safety and reduce traffic congestion in San Benito County.

Measure G is endorsed by (*partial listing):

Organizations & Businesses*

  • Anzar Hills Democratic Club
  • Associated Students of Gavilan College (ASGC)
  • Bella Charm
  • Coke Farms
  • Dobler & Sons
  • Filice Farms
  • Gavilan College Board of Trustees
  • HM Screening Services
  • Hollister Bike Party
  • Hollister Firefighters Association IAFF local 3395
  • Hollister Police Officers Association
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 234 (IBEW)
  • Kelley Engineering & Surveying
  • Laborers Local 270
  • LULAC - League of United Latin American Citizens
  • Monterey Bay Economic Partnership
  • REACH San Benito County
  • RJR Recycling
  • San Benito County Business Council
  • San Benito County Chamber of Commerce
  • San Benito County Deputy Sheriff's Association (DSA)
  • San Benito County Democratic Central Committee
  • San Benito County Republicans
  • San Juan Bautista Service Club
  • San Juan Community and Business Association
  • San Juan Oaks
  • Santa Clara/San Benito Building & Construction Trades Council
  • SEIU 521
  • Stay Alive on Highway 25 Committee
  • Teknova
  • Tiffany Ford
  • True Leaf Farms
  • Wallace Group

Measure G Signatories

  • Bob Tiffany, President, San Benito County Business Council
  • Valerie J. Egland, Recreation Exercise & Community Health San Benito Parks Foundation (REACH)
  • Joe Zanger, Community Leader
  • Pauline Valdivia, Executive Director JDA-Senior Programs
  • Mike Sanchez, Retired San Benito County Superintendent of Schools

Honorable Retired Elected Officials

  • Honorable Retired Supervisor Richard Place
  • Honorable Retired Supervisor Mike Graves
  • Honorable Retired Supervisor Margie Barrios
  • Honorable Retired Supervisor Don Marcus
  • Honorable Retired Supervisor and Mayor Patrica Loe
  • Honorable Retired Mayor Robert Scattini
  • Honorable Retired Mayor Pauline Valdevia
  • Honorable Retired Mayor Leonard Polletti
  • Honorable Retired Mayor Gordon Machado
  • Honorable Retired Mayor Cliff Cardoza
  • Honorable Retired Hollister High School Board Aurello Zuniga

Unanimously approved by Hollister City Council, San Juan Bautista City Council, and San Benito County Supervisors

Community Members & Leaders*

  • Adam Lopez
  • Aileene Boffa
  • Al Castañeda
  • Andrew McAlister
  • Ann Breemer
  • Anna Lozano
  • Annie Breger
  • Anthony Gatto
  • Anthony Manguia
  • Barbara Rubio
  • Barbara Scoles
  • Bertinna Turpin
  • Beth Breger
  • Bob Marden
  • Brett Wuoten
  • Brian Kimura
  • Candace Ledesma
  • Carol Killer
  • Carol Villar
  • Casey Powers
  • Cesar Flores
  • Chad Houghten
  • Charles Kayser
  • Chase Graves
  • Chelsi Brown
  • Cherry Edwards
  • Chris McDougall
  • Christine Luna
  • Claude Turpin
  • Dale Coke
  • Daniela Juarez
  • David Bini
  • David Boulware
  • David Huboi
  • Dawn Koistinen
  • Diana Ortiz
  • Dolores Burdick
  • Doris Mudgett
  • Doug Kuerschner
  • Ellen Elliott
  • Everett Clark
  • Francene Markle
  • Frank Barragan
  • Frank Guerra
  • Frank Ledesma
  • Gale Mcnabb
  • George Wielen
  • Graham Mackie
  • Greg LaForge
  • Hamdy Abbass
  • Henry Machens
  • Hong Phuong Chau Tran
  • Jack Markle
  • Jacquelyn Bourdet
  • Jan Breemer
  • Jane Rekedal
  • Jean Alkire
  • Jen Boltinghouse
  • Jeniel Dickson
  • Jennifer Denton
  • Jill Martin
  • Jim & Kathy Dassel
  • Jodie Marshall
  • Joe Ortiz
  • Joe Zanger
  • John Bessa
  • John Freeman
  • John McCormack
  • John Melton
  • Judith Hoefling
  • Judith Ogus
  • Judith Padilla
  • Judy Mcnabb
  • Kara Loupe
  • Karen Mendonca
  • Karson Klauer
  • Katherine Breger
  • Kathey Graves
  • Kathleen Boulware
  • Kathryn Parsons-Tiffany
  • Kevin Colton
  • Kevin Stopper
  • Kevin Stottrup
  • Kitina Martin
  • Larry Mudgett
  • Laura Stampleman
  • Leo Villar
  • Leslie Austin
  • Liliana Cortes
  • Lindsey Shelton
  • Lloyd Dickson
  • Loretta Kayser
  • Lori Iacopi
  • Louis Smith
  • Lourdes Madera
  • Mark Hirsch
  • Mark Sargent
  • Marlee Smith
  • Matt Kelley
  • Meg & Robert Groeling
  • Michaela Graves
  • Michelle McDougall
  • Mike Sanchez
  • Monica Ferreira
  • Morgan Avila
  • Myron Sylva
  • Nancy Stottrup
  • Nephtali Luna
  • Nicholas Boffa
  • Pat Lerman
  • Patrick Brown
  • Patrick Lampe
  • Pauline Valdivia
  • Phil Fortino
  • Phyllis Katz
  • Rachel Reed
  • Rich Sunseri
  • Richard Myers
  • Robert & Theresa Caballero
  • Robert Gamble
  • Robert Gibson
  • Robert Hooks
  • Robert Rivas
  • Robert Scoles
  • Roberta Bessa
  • Roberto Lopez
  • Ron Martin
  • Ron Pascual
  • Ronald Hoefling
  • Ruth Myers
  • Samuel Breger
  • Scott Fuller
  • Seth Capron
  • Sonia Manguia
  • Stephanie Melton
  • Stephen Loupe
  • Stephen Rosati
  • Stephen Slovacek
  • Steven Martin
  • Su Burke
  • Sylvia Rios Metcalf
  • Tasha Houghten
  • Ted Davis
  • Thomas Hauck
  • Timothy Powers
  • Tina Stopper
  • Valerie Egland
  • Vernetta McGuire
  • Vicki Morris
  • Wayne Norton
  • Wheeler Edwards
  • William Marshall
  • Zachary Tiffany*

*Partial listing. To add your name to the list, visit

Call (831) 665-2386 or email with questions or concerns.

Para información en español llame (831) 665-2386



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Submitted by (Graham Mackie) on

Why I’m voting Yes on G, and why you should too

I’ve read the detailed Roads and Transportation Safety Investment Plan and done my homework, and I’m voting YES on G. Here are my top four reasons:

1. Measure G will repair potholes and cracks on streets and roads all across San Benito County, making it easier for us to get from Point A to Point B safely, no matter how we are getting there.

2. Measure G will qualify us for needed state and federal matching funds to leverage taxpayer dollars further into our local community. Without these matching Funds, any road construction projects will not happen.

3. ALL funds stay local to benefit our San Benito County transportation infrastructure. These funds cannot be taken by the general fund or the state.

4. An independent Citizens' Oversight Committee, mandatory audits, and public reports are REQUIRED to ensure funds are spent properly.

I’m not easily convinced, but Measure G is needed, and it will benefit us all. I hope you will join me and encourage everyone you know to vote YES on G.


I’m voting yes so all the commuters are safer. I’ve never commuted but my husband has told me many scary stories. I just want everyone to be as safe as possible. There is way too many drivers on that two lane road. We have a chance to be a self help county which will catch the eye of CALTRANS and we can’t do it without them and Santa Clara County (doing their part). If we work together we can get it done until then please stay safe on 25. 

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