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COMMUNITY OPINION: Re-elect Mickie Solorio Luna for Hollister City Council District 2

Luna receives endorsements from Hollister Police Officers Association, Hollister Firefighters Association and more.
Mickie Luna endorsed by the Hollister Police Officers Association, City of Hollister Firefighters Association, Local SEIU, United Farm Workers and many more. Photo provided.
Partial endorsement list. Photo provided.

This community opinion was contributed community advocate Ruth Hermosillo, a volunteer on Mickie Luna's campaign. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

Dear Community of the City of Hollister:

I have known Mickie Solorio Luna for many years and have had the opportunity of serving with her in different capacities within the community and in the non-profit world. Now, for a second time I’m serving with her in a different capacity within her campaign. I wanted to share with you a few personal reasons why we need to re-elect Mickie Luna as a Councilmember for the City of Hollister. In the many years I have known Mickie, I have never met anyone as knowledgeable, consistent and focused on improving the community. She can be counted on to champion for our community and youth as she has initiating several youth leadership programs on her spare time. Nothing upsets her including negative commentaries made in some social media pages as she knows that she serves as an example to our youth and community. 

Mickie’s ability to remain focused and calm, both personally and professionally, is due to her values and respect for all our City residents and City employees. Her personal record consists of bringing knowledge to the City Council as a former City of Hollister Finance Department employee for more than 30 years. Her extensive experience is surely an asset in her decision making as a City Councilmember to be responsible with public funds.  

We all know we can count on Mickie to stay focused on the things that really matter. In an election year, we need a peaceful champion we can count on to conserve our values and for the City to continue the important work with consistency of knowledge on the issues facing the City. Mickie has served her community with integrity and foresight these past four (4) years and with her more than 30 years of employment service. As of recent, she had been the only woman on the City Council and has always advocated for equity at all levels of government. The City will continue to benefit from her knowledge and expertise as a former employee to remain within budget boundaries and knowledge of City issues and concerns. 

This is why several local organizations have strongly endorsed Mickie Solorio Luna for District 2, including: the Hollister Police Officers Association, the City of Hollister Firefighters Association, Local SEIU, the United Farm Workers, among many more supporters. 

To learn more about how Councilmember Mickie Luna will continue to serve the City of Hollister, please see this recent District 2 interview where she comprehensively provides details. Luna is also endorsed by eight (8) former mayors, four (4) former department heads, Robert Rivas and Mark Medina (SBC Supervisors) and various elected officials from throughout the State including: Simon Salinas, Monterey Supervisor; Gil Cedillo, Los Angeles City Councilmember and many more.

Please, join me in re-electing Mickie Solorio Luna this November.


Ruth Hermosillo, Community Advocate 



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Submitted by (Ariana Fabian) on

Let me just say that it has been a true honor to have met Mickie Luna.  I cannot express everything Mickie has done for me and several other youth in the community. Mickie is the type of person that sees potential in everyone! I still remember  wrapping Christmas presents for families in our community just last December and having Mickie walk in excitedly to let me know that I had been voted into the youth city council. Seeing how excited she was for this new experience of mine was truly heart warming. For us youth, it is honestly beyond amazing to have city council members, such as Mickie, that reach out to us and who are willing to hear us out in order to bring the change and new opportunities we seek. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me and the LULAC Youth, we will forever be grateful to have such an amazing role model.  I stand with you, Mickie Luna!

Submitted by (Santana Rodriguez ) on

Mickie Luna has had a positive influence on my life in a multitude of ways. Throughout the organization LULAC I have had the opportunity to get to know Mickie as a mentor. She has taught me many things about what it truly means to make a difference in your community and to stand up for what is right. She has not only explained, but demonstrated how to fight for the rights of the people. I admire everything about Mickie Luna and without a doubt know she is the one for this position. I can never express my gratitude for Mickie and the influence she has had on my life. 

Submitted by (Ana De Castro ) on

Mickie Luna has been inspired me to believe in myself and grow even more than I imaged. I met Mickie when I was in high school and during this time she encouraged me to become a leader to my peers and to gain experience and insight in areas of my interest. I slowly became a young leader in Hollister and began to learn more about higher education and my career path. Due to the multiple areas I visited and the many people Mickie introduced me, I was able to choose my career in public relations. I left to Sacramento State for 5 years and came back to Hollister to find the passion to keep informed about our community through Mickie. I stand with Mickie Luna because she has time and time again shown that she is passionate, informed, kind, and dedicated to her position. She is an asset to our community and constituents; she shows up, listens, connects with her community, digs into the books and provides an opinion that has been research and educated. Mickie is here for the people; her decisions are for the improvement of the community and the well-being of Hollister. Through tough situations, Mickie keeps a calm demeanor with an assertive voice that sides with the people and what is right. So, Vote this Tuesday for Mickie Luna!

Submitted by (Ruben Sobreyra) on

I want to express the importance of voting for a qualified candidate, and its impact on our city and community. I am an engineering student at UC Davis, and I can truly say that Council member Mickie Luna is one of the reasons I am attending this prestigious university. Due to Mickie Luna's support and belief in me, I push myself further every day to be a Latino Leader, a successful student, and a community member.  

When I met Mickie, my family and I were going through one of the toughest times of our lives due to our house, jobs, food, and money problems. Mickie not only gave us the support but more than enough resources to help get my family on the right track. Upon graduation from San Benito High School, I could not even afford to pay for my cap and gown and she paid it for me and several other students as she usually does.  Mickie Solorio Luna is the type of mentor to take us to pizza, give us good advise, inspires us, encourage us to stay in school, and opens doors. Mickie has even gone as far as helping me apply for scholarships. I received fifteen out of the thirty scholarships I applied for. I have given my vote to a woman who cares for justice, education, her community and everyone involved.


Ruben Sobreyra

Submitted by (Raquel Vazquez) on

Mickie Luna is one of the greatest community leaders I have come to know and appreciate. I first met Mickie as a freshman in high school. Through her mentorship, I was able to navigate my way through college preparations and explore my own leadership capabilities. Mickie always encouraged me and the youth to be well informed and involved in our community. Leading by example, Mickie has remained involved in the Hollister community not only as a Hollister resident but also as a public service official. She continues to put the well being of the people first and proves her committment to serving Hollister honorably time and time again. I trust Mickie Solorio Luna for her consistency, her kindness, her work ethic, and her zealous determination for standing up for what is right. So re-elect Mickie Luna this Tuesday!

Submitted by (Riana Gutierrez) on

Mickie Luna is someone I look up too not only is she a leader but also a role model to those of us who are mentored by her. Mickie Luna is so humble and such an amazing person to have in your life. She sees all of our potential as for the youth and young adults. Everything that I am doing now is because of her, she has guided me into the right path and always seeing my potential this is the kind of leadership we need in our community. I never thought that I could take on majority of the work that I’m doing now but, because of Mickie I am able too. I’m beyond thankful for her being in my life and guiding me and making me see my own potential as well as for our youth. Because of her I have my voice! I stand with Mickie Luna! She is our backbone in this community. 

I worked with Mickie for many years. She was a hard working dedicated employee. She has extended her expertise and integrity to the City Council. I would be proud to vote for her if I had the opportunity. 

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